Math for Love Prime Climb



Product Description

Play with Prime Climb Color Scheme

Check out Prime Climb's unique hundred chart - combine colors to multiply,separate colors to divide!

Every space on the Prime Climb board has a unique color address

Multiply by combining colors; divide by removing colors. The colors on the Prime Climb board give us a way to see every number as a combination of the numbers it is made of (its factors)!

Prime Climb mathematical game information

Brand Math for Love
Included Components Board, dice, pawns, multiplication table, rules
Number of Players 2-4
Theme Math Strategy Dice Arithmetic Numbers Education
Unit Count 1.00 count

Prime Climb mathematical game

  • Prime Climb mathematical game Perfect STEM gift for pre-teens and teens to inspire deeper math learning
  • Ideal for family board game night or for classroom/home school/after school clubs! Best for 2-4 players
  • Easy to learn, and endlessly replayable, thanks to dynamic mix of strategy and luck
  • Learn and master multiplication, division, factorization and prime number concepts by combining colors
  • Quality guaranteed! If defective in any way, contact us and we will provide a replacement


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