May 31, 2022

Best hand straps for Oculus Quest 2, Oculus Quest 2022

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Don’t let the controllers slip out of your hands. Use these great Oculus Quest hand straps.

Oculus Touch controllers have wrist loops that keep them from flying off, but you still need to keep a rigid claw grip on them at all times while playing. By installing a hand or knuckle strap, you can keep your controllers fully attached, even while letting go of them completely. We’ve collected the best Oculus Quest 2 hand straps — plus straps for the original Quest’s different-sized Touch controllers — to make long VR gaming sessions more bearable.

These are some of the most comfortable Quest 2 hand straps out there

These hand straps are designed specifically for the third-generation Oculus Touch controllers that ship with the Oculus Quest 2. If you’re looking for hand straps for the original Oculus Quest, check the section below this one.

VR Cover Controller Grips for Oculus Quest 2

Best for comfort

Designed specifically for the new Touch controllers, these VR Cover grips have felt fabric straps that wrap around the back of your hand or knuckles. Plus, they have a plastic non-slip grip that won’t bend in your fingers like a silicone grip. We tested and loved these grips, especially the strap that softly hugs your hands.View at AmazonView at Amazon

KIWI Design Grips with battery opening for Oculus Quest 2

Easy battery swapping

KIWI upgraded its original design with an ingenious battery compartment built into the grip. Changing the batteries is as simple as opening the door, replacing the battery, and closing it again. Everything else is the same as the original, including the sweat-resistant soft silicone grip and the more rigid faux leather straps.View at Amazon

CNBEYOUNG Touch Controller Grip Cover for Quest 2

Bang for your buck

CNBEYOUNG’s controller grip does the job well. Like a lot of the others on this list, it’ll help keep the Quest 2’s Touch Controllers comfortably in your hand. It also comes with a cover to protect your Quest 2’s lenses and still manages to come in at a lower price than some of the other options on this list.View at AmazonView at Amazon

BOOLACYA Silicone grips with strap for Oculus Quest 2

Seeing red, black, and blue

If you’re looking to introduce a bit of color to your Quest 2 controllers, BOOLACYA has a cushy answer that also protects those halo rings on each controller. These cushy silicone grips significantly enhance comfort thanks to the soft finish. They even have a strap to keep the controller on your hands when you throw something in VR. View at Amazon

NexiGo Controller Grips for Oculus Quest 2

Change it up

NexiGo uses hard TPU grips similar to VR Cover’s grips, but the difference is mostly in the strap itself. That strap is larger and wider than VR Cover’s and can be attached to the grips or the controller halo ring up top. That helps make these grips a better fit for a wider range of hand sizes.View at AmazonView at Amazon

Rebuff Reality Saber Themed Controller Grip Covers

Perfect for Beat Saber Fans

Rebuff Reality’s controller covers might be legally distinct enough from Beat Saber that they’ll avoid any lawsuits, but don’t get it twisted; they’re great for any avid Beat Saber fan. The included knuckle straps and grip-friendly texture make swinging your sabers to the beat all the more enjoyable.View at AmazonView at Amazon

Compatible with the original Oculus Quest

There aren’t many options to choose from anymore but if you have an original Oculus Quest and just want some controller enhancements, these grips will do you a world of good.

AMVR Touch Controller Grip Cover for Oculus Quest 2

Extra straps and accessories

This AMVR bundle gives you two sets of adjustable, elastic grip bands configurable to your hand size and fixed with velcro so they won’t budge during crazy workouts. Those straps are attached to TPU plastic grips, which easily slip on and off when you need to swap out the controller battery. View at AmazonView at AmazonView at Amazon

KIWI Design controller straps

Just the straps

If you love the feel of the Oculus Quest controllers and just want a pair of wrist straps (without the extra controller grips), KIWI Design sells straps that fit around the controller and don’t add any extra bulk. These are the same easy-to-adjust straps in the newer version that fasten to your hands with velcro. Since they don’t have the extra grip piece, they’re super affordable, too.View at AmazonView at Amazon

Choose your grip wisely

We scoured the internet for the best Oculus Quest 2 and original Oculus Quest hand straps and grips to make sure we picked the best of the best. When in doubt, you can almost never go wrong with any VR Cover accessory, but especially its Quest 2 controller grips. We’ve tested these straps thoroughly and are happy with the comfort level and overall safety. You can also invest in a halo controller protector if you’re concerned about accidentally smacking or dropping your controllers.

Once you’ve chosen the best Quest 2 hand straps for you, you’ll be able to get more active! Try looking into the best Quest 2 face covers, which will help keep your headset clean and more comfortable, and then try looking into some of our picks for the best Oculus Quest 2 games for exercise.

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