May 30, 2022

Best Media Apps for Oculus Quest 2022

By Sean Endicott Nick Ransbottom published 3 days ago

The Oculus Quest is for more than just gaming.

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The Oculus Quest is an excellent device for VR gaming, but there’s more to virtual reality than just playing games. For example, have you ever wanted your own personal movie theater at home? By taking advantage of what’s possible in VR, the Oculus Quest can give you one.

Whether it’s watching YouTube, streaming films and TV shows from subscription services, or viewing your own videos that are stored directly on the headset, here are the best media apps for the Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 to help you get more out of your VR experience.

Enjoy your favorite shows and movies with the best media apps for the Oculus Quest


Screenshot of YouTube VR
(Image credit: YouTube)

YouTube has billions of views for a reason; there’s an almost unlimited amount of content. That only expands on the Oculus Quest with support for 360-degree videos on the headset and access to all of YouTube’s other content on top of it.



At first glance, watching YouTube might not seem like the most impressive use of VR, but 360-degree video support makes it feel like a different experience. The up-close view offered in VR is also great for relaxing with visual meditation videos, nature footage, or just watching Joy of Painting reruns.

Download From: Oculus


Netflix in VR
(Image credit: Netflix)

Netflix has been in the streaming business for years. Its native app on the Oculus Quest puts a giant screen in front of your eyes and makes it feel like you’re watching Netflix content in a cinema or a nice cozy virtual cabin. It’s a great way to watch an action flick, though your head might tire during more extended viewings.RECOMMENDED VIDEOS FOR YOU…Huawei P50 Pro mini-reviewHuawei’s new flagship has some of the best cameras we’ve seen, but there’s a catch… seconds of 1 minute, 3 secondsVolume 0% PLAY SOUND



Have you ever wished you could watch movies in a gigantic home theater? With the Netflix app on the Oculus Quest, you can! However, because the headset isn’t exactly the lightest piece of equipment to wear for long periods of time, watching Netflix in VR is better suited for a good 90 minute popcorn flick or a couple back-to-back episodes of a juicy show rather than full-on movie marathons.

Download From: Oculus


Amazon Prime Video in VR
(Image credit: Amazon)

With this app, you can watch all of your favorite Prime Video content in a virtual theater. Just the Netflix Oculus app, Prime Video’s entire library can be viewed inside your own private cinema. You’ll be able to watch a huge selection of movies and TV, including hit Prime Originals like The Legend of Vox Machina and The Boys.


Prime Video VR

One of the benefits to an Amazon Prime membership is the bundle of Prime Video. With the Oculus Quest app, you can watch all of Prime Video’s library in your own home theater.

Download From: Oculus



Boxers fighting on Showtime broadcast
(Image credit: Showtime Networks)

With the Showtime app, you can log in to your Showtime account to watch all of your favorite Showtime content in VR, including a rotating library of movies, sports, and recent hits like Yellowjackets. You’ll also have access to classic Showtime series like Dexter and The L Word.



Showtime’s huge library of original series, hit movies, sports, and live TV can be enjoyed straight from your Quest headset.

Download From: Oculus


Logo for ESPN
(Image credit: ESPN)


If you’re looking to watch sports in VR, there’s no better Oculus Quest app than ESPN. You can watch live games and studio shows anytime and have access to various ESPN channels, including ESPN+, ESPN2, and SEC Network. 



ESPN is the best app for watching sports on your Oculus Quest. There are a ton of different ESPN channels available, along with 24/7 access to live games, studio shows, and on-demand collection of replays and shows.

Download From: Oculus


Oculus Quest Vudu Store
(Image credit: Fandango)

Want to have a movie night but don’t have a subscription for a streaming service? Vudu has you covered. There are over 200,000 movies and shows to buy or rent on Vudu, and over 8,000 of them are available for free. Best of all, this content is available à la carte, so you’ll only pay for what you actually watch. The Oculus Quest app also supports 3D movies.



If you want to own or rent videos without having to worry about a subscription service, Vudu is what you’re looking for. Its staggering library of content is available straight from your headset — including 3D movies.

Download From: Oculus



Watching a video in Bigscreen Beta
(Image credit: Bigscreen, Inc.)

This video streaming application allows you to watch 3D videos with your friends in a virtual theater. Bigscreen Beta supports both side-by-side and over-under 3D formats. On top of allowing you to stream videos from your PC, Bigscreen Beta also lets you wirelessly play PC games straight from your headset.


Bigscreen Beta

Bigscreen Beta lets you host a virtual movie night with up to 12 friends and supports both side-by-side and over-under 3D formats. You can also join public chatrooms and watch 50+ channels for free.

Download From: Oculus


Watching a sunset in Skybox VR Video Player
(Image credit: SKYBOX STUDIOS)


This video player supports DLNA media streaming, can stream your PC to your Oculus Quest, and can help you view natively stored content. It can stream videos with an output of up to 8K on the Oculus Quest 2, supports HDR, and the PC client can even stream out the same content to multiple Oculus Quest devices at once.


Skybox VR Video Player

Unlike most of the best media apps for the Oculus Quest, Skybox VR Video Player requires a purchase. However, if streaming videos from your PC to your Quest is enticing to you, it can be worth the money.

Buy From: Oculus

Grab the popcorn

The Oculus Quest can add a new dimension to how you watch videos. There are plenty of apps to stream videos and movies from your PC or directly from streaming services like Netflix and Showtime. You don’t have to put your headset away if you want to watch some TV or enjoy a good movie.

If you’re looking for a versatile player that can handle local files and content from a media server, you should check out SKYBOX VR Video Player. Vudu is your best choice if you’re looking to buy or rent videos without a recurring subscription fee. And if you want to watch 360-degree videos to see how VR can enhance your viewing experience, YouTube VR is the perfect choice.

Save for Skybox VR Video Player, all of these media apps are free. That’s good, because you’ll probably have to download a combination of them to view all the content you want. If you want to extend your viewing sessions and make your virtual movie night more comfortable, make sure to grab some of the best Oculus Quest 2 accessories. Or if you’re having some trouble getting custom video content on your headset, check our guide on how to stream movies and TV to the Meta Quest 2.

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Sean Endicott 

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