May 29, 2022

Best Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 bands 2022

By Courtney Lynch Namerah Saud Fatmi last updated April 12, 2022

It’s only fitting to get the best bands for the best Android smartwatch.

Choosing the perfect band for your new Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 won’t be too difficult, especially when so many great options are available. Whether you need something sporty and flexible for high-intensity activities or need something classy for special occasions, the possibilities are endless. We’ve collected some of the best Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 bands for your consideration.

Stunning bands of all shapes and colors for your Galaxy Watch 4

Lerobo Soft Silicone Sports Band for Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Let your skin breathe

Those who plan to use their wearable for tracking workouts will need a breathable band. This option from Lerobo is one of the best Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 bands out there for active individuals. The high-grade silicone band is resistant to sweat and water. It’s lightweight and flexible with a unique air-hole design for superior comfort.View at Amazon

Morsey Nylon Sport Band for Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Soft yet sturdy

Another sport band that provides comfort and durability during workouts is this nylon option from Morsey. It’s different from other nylon bands because of its tightly woven nylon material, increasing its softness and sturdiness. Also, the reinforced velcro strap sports fastening technology that keeps it extra secure.View at Amazon

EverAct Sport Band (12-Pack) for Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

A rainbow of options

If you want to stock up on endless color options, consider this 12-pack of silicone bands from EverAct. Not only are there several stunning shades, but you can also pick a pack with a silver, black, or rose gold buckle to match your watch. Of course, you can select the size that meets your needs, too. Small is for wrists from 6.2 to 8 inches, and large is from 7 to 8.8 inches.View at Amazon

Ritche Top Grain Leather Watch Band for Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Time to get fancy

Some people may think they have to leave their smartwatch at home when a formal occasion pops up on their calendar. That’s not the case when you have a fancy leather band like this one from Ritche. You’ll appreciate that this band adopts top-grain cowhide leather. What’s more, the bottom layer has a reinforced matte lining that’s soft and breathable.View at Amazon

TRUMiRR Solid Stainless Steel + Mesh Woven Band (2-Pack) for Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Double the elegance

If you’re looking for something other than leather to meet your formal occasion needs, you’ll want to consider this two-pack of premium stainless steel bands. The metal band consists of a fine polish that contributes to the elegant look of the band. The mesh woven band features a woven technology for a sleek and luxurious look.Check Amazon

Barton Canvas Watch Band for Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Always durable

When durability is your top priority, you can’t go wrong with this cotton canvas band from Barton. The unique embroidery adds a perfect blend of style and strength that makes your band fashionable and functional. Choose from an abundance of color options, like Army Green, Navy Blue, Khaki Tan, Crimson Red, and many more.Check Amazon

Obligatoryy Pattern Printed Silicone Band (2-Pack) for Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Flexible and unique

If you’re looking to stand out, the best Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 band for you is this unique pattern printed silicone band from Obligatory. You can opt for a two-pack, so you have more than one band. Some packs come with one solid and one pattern band. There are also a few single-pack options if you only need one watch band.View at Amazon

Olytop Soft Stretch Breathable Band for Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

No more bulky buckles

Perhaps you’re tired of traditional watch bands with bulky buckles. These soft elastic bands from Olytop are an ideal solution. The comfortable stretchy material comes with a small adjuster to change the size. This Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 band will fit most wrists that range from 5.5 to 10 inches. There are many vibrant color patterns here to add to your collection.View at Amazon

LDFAS Leather Band (2-Pack) for Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

A premium pair

If you already know that leather is your preferred band material, you might appreciate this two-pack from LDFAS. It comes in two classic colors, brown and black. Additionally, you’ll be able to choose your preferred watch buckle color: black, silver, or rose gold. Not to mention, you can’t beat the price for two premium leather bands.View at Amazon

HATALKIN Silicone Band (3-Pack) for Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

A perfect trio

Some people prefer a Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 band with a clever pin-and-tuck closure. If so, you’ll love this three-pack of silicone bands from HATALKIN. There are numerous color options available to you. But, most importantly, these high-performance silicone bands are soft, flexible, and non-irritating. Water and sweat are no match for these bands.View at Amazon

Surace Links Bracelet Band for Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Chic and sleek

This elegant number from Surace comes in a chic rose gold metal finish. It is perfect for formal occasions where you need to dress up a bit. The band has classy chain links and a metal clasp that easily adjust the wrist size. You can opt for the white leather variant, but we love the black leather intertwined with the metal chains.View at Amazon

GEAK Bands (4-Pack) for Samsung Galaxy Watch

Slim and trim

GEAK’s four-pack of silicone bands comes in two sizes, large and small. These bands are narrower than the silicone bands from EverAct and HATALKIN. So if you have tiny wrists, this is a smarter-looking choice. You get to choose four preset color combos while ordering, so make sure your pick aligns with your everyday wear the most.View at Amazon

Best Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 bands: Pick your style

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4
(Image credit: Source: Samsung)

Regardless of your preferred style and material, it’ll be a breeze to find a band for your Android smartwatch. If you owned the predecessor at some point and you still have some bands lying around, you might be able to put them to use. The Galaxy Watch 4 and the Galaxy Watch Active 2 both use 20mm bands, for example. However, if you’re ready to be out with the old and in with the new, you’ll want to explore other options.

First, you’ll need to determine what type of band is best for your needs. Many people will buy this watch to take advantage of the premium health/fitness tracking. In this case, a silicone sports band is a good choice. The Lerobo Soft Silicone Sports Band is the best Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 band for breathability. The innovative air-hole design allows your skin to breathe freely while you exercise and go about your day, so you’re always comfortable.

When you need something more elegant, you should consider the TRUMiRR Solid Stainless Steel Band + Mesh Woven Band. This two-pack gives you both a heavy-duty metal band and an ultra-sleek mesh band. If you’re looking to make a lasting impression with your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 band, this is an excellent choice.RECOMMENDED VIDEOS FOR YOU…OnePlus 10 Pro Mini-ReviewThe OnePlus 10 Pro is here, so here are the top things you need to know about it based on two weeks with the phone! seconds of 58 secondsVolume 0% PLAY SOUND

Whether you’re going casual or formal, you’ll never be short on options when shopping for the best Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 bands! If this is your first time owning a watch with interchangeable bands, be sure to check out our tips for how to swap your Galaxy Watch 4 bands.

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