May 26, 2022

How to use Google Photos portrait blur on your Android phone

By Namerah Saud Fatmi published 5 days ago

Are your photos missing that extra oomph? Try using the Portrait Blur feature in Google Photos.

Portrait Blur on Google Photos

(Image credit: Google)

Google Photos is already a very excellent photo editing tool, but the March 2022 update made it even better. Pixel device owners and Google One subscribers can use Portrait Blur to add the portrait mode look to old pictures on their Android phones. That’s right, even if you’re dealing with a snapshot captured ages ago, your trusty Android device can edit it using this new feature in Google Photos.

Portrait Blur allows you to blur the background to whatever extent you like and maintain the focus on the subject. Here’s how you can use this really neat portrait blur trick in Google Photos on your Android phone.

How to use Google Photos portrait blur on Android

1. Open Google Photos on your phone.Sponsored LinksDo You Speak English? You can work remotely from Pakistan for a USA employerUSA Job from Home | Search Ads

2. Pick and tap on a portrait image.RECOMMENDED VIDEOS FOR YOU…CLOSE seconds of 1 minute, 35 secondsVolume 0% PLAY SOUND

3. Tap Edit from the bottom menu.

4. Choose the Portrait option.

How to use Portrait Blur in Google Photos
(Image credit: Namerah Saud Fatmi / Android Central)

5. Press the Save copy button to save your newly edited image.

These instructions add a simple blur effect on your portrait image. However, for a more controlled effect, don’t choose the Portrait option from the Edit menu right away. Instead, follow the next set of steps.

1. Open the Google Photos app.

2.  Select a portrait image and tap it.

3. Tap Edit from the bottom menu.

4. Swipe left on the bottom menu until you reach Tools.

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