May 25, 2022

Best Samsung Galaxy S10+ cases 2022

By Ara Wagoner Rebecca Spear Olivia Lipski Contributions from Rajat Sharma published April 22, 2022

Keep your Samsung Galaxy S10+ shining like new.

Even though it’s more than three years old at this point, Samsung’s Galaxy S10+ can still be purchased from Samsung’s own online storefront and third-party retailers, if you don’t mind getting it refurbished. That said, whether you’re planning on getting it soon, or have already had one since launch day, we suggest getting one of the best Samsung Galaxy S10+ cases to protect your smartphone from all those scuffs, falls, and scratches. 

Take a look at some of the best Galaxy S10+ cases

Spigen Neo Hybrid

Staff Pick

Spigen’s Neo Hybrid features diagonal ridges on its back panel that not only add to its looks but improve in-hand grip as well. The case features a two-piece (TPU and polycarbonate) design and comes with raised lips for protecting the S10+’s screen and rear camera array.View at Amazon

ArmadilloTek Urban Ranger

For rugged protection

ArmadilloTek’s cases are renowned for their durability, and the Urban Ranger is no different. The military-grade certified case comes with reinforced corners for reliable protection, and also features precise cutouts for easy access to ports. It’s compatible with wireless charging too.View at Amazon

Spigen Slim Armor CS

Storage for your cards and cash

With Spigen’s Slim Armor CS, you can leave your wallet at home. The hidden compartment at its back can be used for storing up to two credit/debit cards, or some extra cash. The case is made from TPU and polycarbonate and uses Air Cushion technology for extra protection.View at AmazonView at Amazon

Snakehive Vintage Wallet

Premium design, practical features

Snakehive’s vintage wallet case is made from European Nubuck leather and comes with a suede-like finish that develops a nice patina over time. The folio also comes with three card slots on the inside and features a kickstand that can be used to prop the phone up for binging videos. It’s backed by a 12-month warranty.View at Amazon

Rayboen Crystal Clear

No discoloration over time

Looking for a lightweight yet sturdy case that’ll let you show off the Samsung Galaxy S10+’s stunning glass back? We suggest the Rayboen Crystal Clear. Featuring a hard polycarbonate shell and a TPU frame, this transparent case doesn’t get yellow with time. It comes with raised edges around the screen and a rear camera module for increased protection against scuffs and scratches.View at Amazon

NEWDERY Battery Case

Extra power for the Galaxy S10+

Samsung Galaxy S10+ already has a big battery, but if that’s not enough for you, get this battery case from NEWDERY. It not only protects your smartphone but also adds a 10,000mAh cell to it. The case’s battery can charge simultaneously with your phone’s cell, whether you’re using a cable or a wireless charger.View at Amazon

Incipio Holden

Soft fabric back for added style 

If you want a simple yet premium case for the Galaxy S10+, look no further than Incipio’s Holden. Its minimalistic design features  an impact-resistant hard shell and a shock-absorbing bumper. The exterior of the case is made from a soft fabric material that not only looks good, but is quite durable as well.View at Amazon

X-Doria Raptic Shield

Anodized aluminum for more protection

While most smartphone cases are made from polycarbonate and TPU, X-Doria’s Raptic Shield also adds anodized aluminum to the mix. This not only contributes to the case’s design, but it also helps in protecting your Galaxy S10+ from drops up to ten feet high. You also get wireless charging support.View at Amazon

Crave Dual Guard

Lots of color options

Crave’s Dual Guard is perfect if you’re on the hunt for a durable and stylish case for your Galaxy S10+. Apart from polycarbonate and TPU, its construction also uses rubber for added strength. The case’s patterned back helps with the in-hand grip, and you have a variety of colors (e.g. Forest Green, Lilac) to choose from.View at AmazonView at AmazonView at Amazon

These are the best Samsung Galaxy S10+ cases

Despite being more than three years old, Samsung Galaxy S10+ can still hold its own against some of the best Android phones, both in terms of design and performance. The smartphone is still available on Samsung’s own online store and third-party retailers as refurbished/renewed at fairly reasonable prices, so if you’re planning on buying one, we suggest getting a case to protect it from all kinds of wear and tear.

Our top vote goes to Spigen’s Neo Hybrid, which comes with a tried and tested two-piece (polycarbonate and TPU) design that does a great job of absorbing the impact of falls and bumps. Its ridged back pattern helps in improving the in-hand grip, and a dual-tone color scheme with both color options (Gunmetal and burgundy) adds to its style factor. If you don’t care much about looks and would rather go for a well-built case, it’s hard to go wrong with ArmadilloTek’s Urban Ranger series. Apart from the military grade-certified design, the case’s reinforced corners, precise cutouts for all the ports, and wireless charging compatibility make it a total package.

As essential as it is to have a reliable case for protecting your smartphone’s chassis, you also need a screen protector for shielding its front. That’s why we recommend taking a look at some of the best Galaxy S10+ screen protectors out there.RECOMMENDED VIDEOS FOR YOU…CLOSE seconds of 59 secondsVolume 0% PLAY SOUND

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