May 22, 2022

Best Samsung Galaxy S22 accessories 2022

By Ara Wagoner Contributions from Namerah Saud Fatmi published 8 days ago

From charging to protection, there’s something for you.

Congrats on your new Samsung Galaxy S22! Your wonderful new flagship is powerful, pretty, and, unfortunately, delicate. Sure, IP68 water resistance is great, but this is still a slab of glass and aluminum wrapped around the fancy new Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor and those wonderful, wonderful cameras. You need to protect it with a wonderful Galaxy S22 case, but while you’re at it, there are a few key ways to elevate your Galaxy experience.

Accessorize your beloved S22 with all the best add-ons

Galaxy S22 Series Silicone Cover with Strap

The new signature look

This strappy case is looking like the one to beat for the Galaxy S22, as Samsung will be working with big-name brands like Disney to create fun swappable straps. The strap is also functional and serves as a phone grip.View at AmazonView at AmazonView at Amazon

Poetic Neon

Strong, yet stylish

This heavy-duty case uses a flexible, impact-absorbent inner sleeve, while a hard outer shell offers a firm grip and stability. Both the S22 and S22+ have eight colorways while the S22 Ultra has five, and the case is still thin enough for wireless charging.View at Amazon

Whitestone Dome Glass Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S22

Better sealing

Although traditional, adhesive-backed screen protectors play well with Samsung’s ultrasonic fingerprint sensors these days, Whitestone Dome Glass still offers a better seal and cleaner look than the competition. This kit comes with two screen protectors and the UV light needed to cure the liquid adhesive.View at Amazon

Baseus 65W 3 Port Foldable USB-C Wall Charger

Travel-ready top-speed

While Samsung’s new 65W Trio Adapter offers the same three ports (two USB-C, one USB-A), this version from Baseus has a better power distribution when multiple ports are in use. Also, its prongs fold up and the price is much more manageable. A 100W-rated cable is included in the box.View at TVC-mall WWView at AmazonView at Amazon

Uni Long USB Type-C 5A Charging Cord

Go long

You need a 5 Amp-rated USB-C cable with an e-mark chip to help negotiate charging rates between charger and phone, but most are in the 3 to 6.6-foot range. Uni offers its 100W cable in 6.6-foot, 10-foot, and 15-foot lengths.Check Amazon

Volutz Equilibrium Series USB Type C (5-Pack)

Best for Android Auto

I wish we only needed C-to-C cables, but most cars only have USB-A ports. If your car supports wireless Android Auto, I’m so jealous. For the rest of us, Volutz makes wonderfully durable USB-C cables in four lengths, so you can get a cable as long or short as you want, along with spares.Check Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Listen in style

While you might be directed towards the Galaxy Buds 2 when buying the S22, we are fans of the Galaxy Buds Pro as stated in our review. These buds are more full-featured for almost the same price as the Buds 2. Not to mention, they sound richer while also featuring more complete active noise cancelation (ANC) and higher water resistance.View at AmazonView at AmazonView at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Stay connected and healthy

No one wants to miss calls or notifications while they put their phones down to cook, work, or have some playtime with the kids, so a smartwatch can come in handy. As proven by our Galaxy Watch 4 review, this brilliant smartwatch only unlocks its most advanced health-tracking features (EKG and Blood Pressure monitoring) when paired with a Galaxy phone like the S22.View at AmazonView at Microsoft USView at AT&T

Samsung 15W Wireless Charger Duo

For you and your smartwatch

After years of the only 15W wireless charger for Galaxy phones being the 15W Wireless Charging Stand, we now have two pad options to choose from. The Duo will let you charge both your Galaxy S22 and either your Galaxy Watch 4 or Galaxy Buds 2/Pro.View at Amazon

PopSockets Slide Stretch

Supreme grip

Avoid excessive strain on your fingers by grabbing this pretty little adjustable phone grip from PopSockets. You can slide the round grip into the band that latches onto your phone’s sides. While the PopSockets Slide Stretch doesn’t come in as many patterns as other PopGrips, it’s more convenient to use.View at Amazon

CASETiFY Phone Strap with Card

Sling for your S22

Reinvent phone grips with the CASETiFY Phone Strap with Card. This body phone strap can be slung around your shoulder like a purse or a bag, making it super easy to carry your flagship Galaxy phone around. It also minimizes accidental drops by a wide margin.View at AmazonView at Amazon

Cables and chargers and cases and more: What Galaxy S22 accessories do you need?

While I’d love to say all of these accessories are essential for your new Samsung Galaxy S22, that gets expensive quickly and it’s OK if you prefer a more targeted shopping list. As an avid user of phones, I speak from experience when I say this next bit. Whenever you buy a phone, it needs three things — well, two depending on your taste. You need a screen protector, a case, and a phone grip. I know what you’re thinking, but no, really, you should be using a phone grip, if for nothing else than to save you from an RSI. (My left pinky will hate me forever, but yours doesn’t have to.) I adore the PopSockets Slide Stretch because it can be adjusted every so often without any hassle as there’s no adhesive involved.

You don’t even need to buy a separate phone grip to go with your Galaxy S22 Ultra case since the Samsung Silicone Cover with Strap is two-in-one. The strap is both a great way to show off some style thanks to the spare straps you can buy and it’s an easy way to keep a hold of your S22 without having to constantly pinch your fingers around a PopSocket. If you prefer boring, non-grip cases, the Poetic Neon is durable, affordable, and the colors are perfection — especially if you grab one of the custom colors for your S22 Ultra or Plus. You can pair it with one of Whitestone Glass Dome’s UV-cured screen protectors, which won’t get easily pushed up at the edges by cases the way some normal adhesive ones can.

You might already have a great charger for your Galaxy S22, but if you need one capable of 45W charging the S22+/Ultra, Baseus’ three-port ensures the 45W port always gets 45W no matter what’s plugged into the other two ports. This comes in handy if you’re trying to charge up a mess of gadgets in a short time in say a hotel room or an airport lounge. New 15W wireless chargers are awesome to see, too, but if you’re only buying one new charger, make it a wired one; you’ll get more use of it now that everything from our laptops to our earbuds and everything in between is powered by USB-C Power Delivery.

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Ara Wagoner 

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