May 21, 2022

Best Nokia phones 2022

By Samuel Contreras published 28 days ago

Cheap phones from a trusted name

The best Nokia phones are aimed at the budget and mid-tier segments. Nokia devices feature a classic industrial design and clean software with Android One, ensuring fast updates and no bloatware. The T-Mobile-exclusive Nokia XR20 stands out with a rugged design and solid internals that make it a great pick for someone that wants their phone to last for years. Its three years of OS upgrades also means that the software will keep up too.

Nokia XR20

Designed to last

The Nokia XR20 is a phone that has been built to endure, with water resistance and drop protection. It’s ready for 5G and comes with a 4,630mAh battery with 18W fast charging. Nokia has also promised three years of OS upgrades with the XR20 launching with Android 11. The 6.67-inch display is sharp with a 1080×2400 resolution. With a Snapdragon 480, this is one of Nokia’s most complete packages.View at AmazonView at AmazonView at Amazon

Nokia G50 5G

Unlocked 5G performance

The Nokia G50 5G is a reasonably quick 5G smartphone powered by the Snapdragon 480 CPU. This phone boasts a 5,000mAh battery with 18W charging so it can easily last two days on a charge. This unlocked phone has solid band support including band n41 on T-Mobile. The 6.82-inch display is large and with a somewhat low 720×1560 resolution. The main camera is a solid 48MP shooter.View at AmazonView at AmazonView at Amazon

Nokia G20

A new budget option

The Nokia G20 is an exciting budget device that is powered by the MediaTek Helio 635 chipset. As a result, you get reliable performance for most day-to-day tasks, there’s a large 6.52-inch 720p screen, a 48MP camera at the back, and the 5,050mAh battery lasts two to three days on a full charge. If you want a budget device with clean software and excellent battery life, the Nokia G20 is a solid pick.View at Conrad ElectronicCheck Amazon

Nokia X100 5G

5G and a large battery

The Nokia X100 is a T-Mobile-exclusive phone with a sharp, 6.67-inch, 1080×2400 display and a large 4,470mAh battery that easily lasts two days with 18W fast charging. The Snapdragon 480 is reasonably fast with 5G support on T-Mobile’s network. While security updates will be released for two years, some customers will be put off by the lack of a planned Android 12 update.$252 at T-Mobile


Nokia G10

Back to basics

A fantastic budget phone, the Nokia G10 has a 6.352-inch LCD, MediaTek Helio G25, 3GB/32GB memory configuration, expandable storage, and a 5,050mAh battery. The 13-megapixel camera on the back takes decent photos, you get FM radio, and the phone also has a 3.5mm jack. So if you want a budget phone that nails the essentials, look no further.Check Amazon

Nokia is the go-to brand for great budget phones

Nokia has no shortage of great phones on offer — particularly in the budget segment. The brand’s focus on industrial design and clean software with Android One has allowed it to stand out in a crowded market. The Nokia XR20 is Nokia’s most interesting phone, with solid connectivity with 5G support, reasonable software support, and a rugged design that should help this phone keep running for years to come. While its beefy design won’t be to everyone’s taste, its sharp 1080×2400 display will be.

Then there’s the Nokia G20, which sits a step above the Nokia G10. Although both are very similar, the Nokia G20 is obviously better than the G10. Nokia’s latest budget phone has a lot to offer, and the fact that you’re getting an HD+ panel and reliable hardware for day-to-day use make it a decent choice even by today’s standards. While Nokia may not deliver the most exciting hardware, the regular software updates and clean interface that’s devoid of any bloatware more than make up for it.

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