May 21, 2022

Best GE Cync bulbs 2022

By Chris Wedel Contributions from Olivia Lipski published 1 day ago

GE is ready to help you Cync your home’s lighting with how you live.

When adding smart light bulbs to your smart home setup, there are a lot of options to choose from, but the best GE Cync bulbs are a great place to start. This highly reputable brand has developed some of the best smart light bulbs around today, and fortunately, they’re all compatible with major voice assistants so that’s one thing less to fret about. These are the top GE Cync bulbs to consider.

GE Cync Full Color Direct Connect Smart Bulbs

No hub necessary

No hub is required to set up these excellent smart lights from GE. The Cync Full Color Direct Connect Smart Bulbs can directly connect to your Wi-Fi and control them with your favorite Alexa or Google Assistant. With the Cync mobile app, you can even turn your home lights on or off when you’re away from home, so it’s really “lights out” when you say it is. You can get these 9.5W energy-saving bulbs to replace your older 60W bulbs by purchasing a single or double pack, offered in either full color, tunable white, and soft white.View at Amazon

GE Cync Full Color Direct Connect LED BR30 Smart Light Bulbs

Bedside browsing

If you’re looking for a smart floodlight then the GE Cync Full Color Direct Connect LED BR30 Smart Light Bulbs are the way to go. Like the A19 version, these bulbs connect to voice assistants easily and can be operated away from home. With a full-color bulb, you’ll be able to pick from millions of colors to set the mood, and with the tunable white you’re able to adjust the color temperature between warm, amber, and cool, bluish tones. These are perfect for the lamp next to your couch or bed and use 84% less energy than average 65W bulbs.View at Amazon

GE Cync Smart Home Starter Kit

Smart dimming

The GE Cync Smart Home Starter Kit with Smart Dimmer is a great choice if you want a smart bulb but still appreciate having a switch from which you can turn your lights on and off or simply dim them. Like with the newer Direct Connect models, you’ll still be able to set schedules and create the perfect white light ambiance in your dining room or by your bed, though you’ll need a smart plug for out-of-home control or voice controls with Google or Alexa. But thanks to the bundle, you’ll be able to install your battery-powered smart dimmer switch anywhere you want with adhesive tape and still use it like in the good ol’ days.View at Amazon

GE Cync Edison Style Smart Bulb

Intelligently vintage

The GE Cync Edison Style Smart Bulb brings the smarts to the awesome retro-style of the Edison bulbs.  These vintage-looking bulbs offer the same helpful connectivity features as the more traditionally-styled GE Cync bulbs but do so in a more decorative way. From tunable whites to a full range of colors, these bulbs will look great in your favorite lighting fixtures.View at Amazon

GE Cync Tunable White Smart Bulb

Hot and cold

Sometimes you may want a more basic lighting palette than 16 million colors. That’s where these tunable white bulbs from GE Cync come in. You can set just the right temperature of white from warm to cool using the Cync app manually or with a schedule. You can also pair them with your favorite voice assistant and control the lights with your voice.View at Amazon

GE Cync Full Color Smart Led Light Strip

Flexible lighting

Sometimes you need lighting in places where light sockets just won’t work or you want some ambient lighting under a cabinet or other furniture. That’s when the GE Cync Full Color Smart Led Light Strip comes in. Just peel and stick this light strip wherever you want light and connect it to your Wi-Fi. You’ll have 16 million colors and whites at your beck and call. View at Amazon

The best GE Cync bulbs to light up your smart home

GE Cync Color smart bulbs, formerly known as C by GE, are a great place to start when building out your smart home because not only are these great smart lights, but they are also some of the best budget smart lights. But the smart A19 bulb, in particular, will work with most sockets that you have in your home, and it conveniently doesn’t require a hub of any kind to support Google Assistant or Alexa. By simply connecting to the Cync app you can easily pair your bulb and start changing your lighting to the color or tone you want. When you’re watching a movie, having company over for dinner, or reading in bed, you’re able to adjust your lighting accordingly and you can also set schedules if you’re someone who turns the lights on and off at the same time each day.

If you prefer to have a classic dimmer switch or even a dimmer remote for more manual controls, you can always opt to add a GE Cync Smart Dimmer or automate the lights with a GE Cync motion sensor. These remotes and sensors are handy if you haven’t yet set up voice controls or you’ve lost sight of your phone and want to be able to quickly adjust the lighting of your room. 

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