May 20, 2022

Best PS5 wall mounts 2022

By Anthony J Nash published 24 days ago

Which will you choose?

The PS5 has been out for quite some time now. While finding one can be difficult, those who were lucky enough to get one have trouble fitting the large console on an entertainment system. With specific TV stands and setups not built for the console’s size and shape, many people are looking into wall mounting their PS5. The process isn’t entirely new and can make for a nice-looking setup if done right. Still, finding a great wall mount can be tricky. With that in mind, we’ve collected some of the best PS5 wall mounts you can find.

HIDEit PS5 Wall Mount

HIDEit claims to be the “original PS5 Wall Mount Kit” and features a flush design meant to go up against a wall or perhaps behind or close to a television. However, what actually differentiates this mount is that HIDEit’s mount allows more air to pass in between the console and the mount, keeping your PS5 cool while also ensuring it’s as secure as possible.View at Amazon


While some PS5 wall mounts look to try and make the PlayStation the centerpiece of a display, ALIENERGY’s wall mount does the complete opposite. It’s made to go behind a TV or close enough to it so that the console cannot be seen. This allows you to run wires behind your setup, and potentially could make for an overall cleaner and more stylish look when all things are said and done.View at Amazon

HANAMO PS5 Wall Mount

HANAMO’s PS5 wall mount not only comes with a subtle mounting option for the console, but it also comes with a wall stand shelf for two DualSense controllers, a headset, and a remote for the television as well. If you’re someone who might not have a TV stand or are simply looking to keep all of their PlayStation accessories together, this might be the best option for you.View at Amazon

Hosanwell 5-in-1 PS5 Wall Mount

The Hosanwell 5-in-1 PS5 Wall Mount is similar in concept to the HANAMO design, but instead of a separate mount for accessories, the Hosanwelll mount comes with it attached to the base of the mount. Sporting two controller mounts and a rack for a headset, this mount is another great option for those who might be looking to keep things nice and tidy in one spot.View at Amazon

UPOK PS5 Wall Mount

The UPOK PS5 Wall Mount is similar to some other options on this list, but comes with a design made out of iron. No matter how heavy the PS5 may be, it won’t bring down this mount. Just like other mounts, this one also features two holding spots for DualSense controllers, allowing you to keep everything together in a strong and supported package.View at Amazon

NexiGo RGB PS5 Wall Mount

Last but not least, NexiGo’s PS5 Wall Mount option offers what no other mounts do as of now: the ability to light up. This mount comes with a USB strip light for decoration and a remote to transition through various colors. This might be the best bundle for someone with a ton of RGB items decorating their gaming space with an accessories mount also included.View at Amazon

What will you be picking up?

Because tracking a PS5 down can still be difficult, the options for wall mounts out there aren’t exactly the most diverse. Most of the wall mounts you’ll find in the wild right now are variations of one or two designs, with a handful of unique choices sprinkled throughout. Our pick, the HIDEit PS5 Wall Mount, is the best buy. It features a simplistic mount aimed at cooling down your PS5 while keeping it protected and out of sight.

There are a handful of options for those looking to pick up a mount that can support other accessories. The HANAMO PS5 Wall Mount, for example, has three separate racks available for storage so you’ll be able to keep everything arranged and as orderly as possible. Of course, you can also go fully vibrant and pick up NexiGo’s RBG lit option, which allows for some incredibly unique customization options while also sporting an accessories mount.

Regardless of what wall mount certain you choose, you’ll likely be in good hands. With more and more PS5 accessories launching every day, you’re bound to find the perfect wall mount for you at some point.

Anthony J Nash

Anthony J Nash 

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