May 19, 2022

Does the Garmin vivosmart 5 have GPS?

By Christine Persaud published 3 days ago

Keep track of your running routes and record times with this fitness tracker.

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Does the Garmin vivosmart 5 have GPS?

Best answer: Yes, it has GPS. However, it only works as connected GPS with a smartphone — GPS capabilities are not built-in.

What is the difference between connected GPS and built-in GPS?

With fitness trackers and smartwatches that have GPS built-in, you can leave your phone at home and go for a run, walk, cycle, hike, or other outdoor activity while still tracking your route. You can then look back at the app to see not only how many steps you took, your heart rate, calories burned, and more, but also the distance traveled and even a map of your route.

With devices like the Garmin vivosmart 5 that have connected GPS, you can still do all of this, but your phone needs to be in your possession. The tracker or smartwatch pairs with your phone and uses its GPS antenna to log data that way. This includes location, distance, and speed. The vivosmart 5 does not have the ability to do this on its own. You also need to possess a compatible phone. Garmin vivosmart 5’s connected GPS feature works with Android 7.0 devices or higher that natively support Google Play Store and iPhones with iOS 13 or higher.

What’s the value in having GPS functionality?

The value in having GPS is that you can log routes and check how you progress over time; you can see if your pace is faster or slower and where, and what might impact it (e.g. steep inclines.) You can log favorite running routes or hiking trails as well, making it easy to take the same trip again or share with others. You can also compare stats like pace, heart rate, and calorie burns to see improvements.

For runners who want to be as lightweight as possible, they may find value in being able to leave the phone at home and travel without any added bulk. In this case, a tracker with built-in GPS is preferred.RECOMMENDED VIDEOS FOR YOU…CLOSE seconds of 9 minutes, 14 secondsVolume 0% PLAY SOUND

For those who don’t mind bringing the phone along, connected GPS like what’s found in the Garmin vivosmart 5, which we named among the best fitness trackers, will suffice, and accomplishes the same thing by leveraging the phone’s antenna.

Garmin vivosmart 5

The Garmin vivosmart 5 includes all the features you’d expect from a premium fitness tracker, including steps, continuous heart rate, sleep tracking, Sp02, and more. Plus, when using a pre-loaded sports app for running, walking, or cycling, you can bring your phone along to enjoy connected GPS.View at Garmin USView at Garmin USCheck Amazon

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