May 19, 2022

Best Ethernet cables for PS5 2022

By Samuel Tolbert Contributions from Matt Shore published 15 days ago

Get connected with these great cables.

If you want to have the best experience playing online multiplayer on PS5, you may want to consider forgoing the Wi-Fi setup. Instead, staying wired with one of the best Ethernet cables will ensure that your PS5 has the strongest, fastest internet connection possible. We’ve rounded up the best Ethernet cables for PS5 that’ll keep your online gaming uninterrupted.

Wire up with the best Ethernet cables for PS5

Cat-8 Ethernet Cable from Vabogu

Top speed

For the absolute best connection, you’ll want the absolute best cable. Cat-8 is the fastest, most shielded cable available, used when you have an incredibly quick internet connection and don’t want anything lost or interrupted over Wi-Fi. Just know you’ll be paying more for a longer cable.Check Amazon

Cat-7 Ethernet Cable from DanYee

Nearly the best

You can get a cheaper Cat-7 Ethernet braided cable to ensure it doesn’t bend, kink, or tear for a slight reduction in cable quality that won’t affect most people. If you need a much longer cable, depending on your setup, you’ll also be far less limited than if you were using the comparatively short Cat-8 cables.View at AmazonView at Amazon

Jadaol Cat 7 Ethernet Cable

Extra protection

Another option for Cat-7 cable, this cord comes shielded with SSTP (Screened Shielded Twisted Pair), so it’s highly resistant to electronic noise and signal degradation. The cord isn’t braided, however, so it’s easier to for it to kink and bind.View at Amazon

CableCreation Cat-6a Ethernet Cable

A solid choice

A Cat-6a Ethernet cable will be the best choice for most players. It provides a solid connection with enough bandwidth for the average internet connection so that you can play without fear of interruption over Wi-Fi.View at Amazon

Jadaol Cat-6 Ethernet Cable

Cheap but functional

A Cat-6 Ethernet cable is the slowest choice, but if you’re on a budget, it’ll still work perfectly fine and keep your PS5 connected to the internet. It’s also the best choice for anyone who has a slow internet connection since you shouldn’t pay extra for a cable with bandwidth you won’t use.View at Amazon

Simple options to choose from

If you’re not sure what Ethernet cable to buy for your PS5, don’t worry. There are a few easy steps you can consider in your buying process. If you don’t mind dropping a few extra dollars for the best quality cable on the market, the Cat-8 is the best choice, period. Just keep the space where you’ll be setting up in mind, as a Cat-8 cable is much shorter than other, cheaper alternatives available right now.

For most people, you’ll want to choose between a Cat-7 or Cat-6a cable, which are technically different but have a large degree of overlap in use. Nevertheless, it’s a great way to increase your download speed on your PS5 without paying a lot of money for benefits that you won’t see.

The standard Cat-6 cable is also a choice, but you should double-check to make sure it’ll be right for your internet connection since it may not offer many, if any, benefits over a Wi-Fi connection. While many of the best PS5 games are offline titles, some still have online modes or full multiplayer options, so it’s worth making sure you have the proper setup. A better internet connection also means an easier time downloading games and DLC, which is especially important if you’re opting to stick with digital games for the most part.

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