May 16, 2022

Tronsmart Bang review: The ultimate outdoor party speaker on a budget

The amount of value offered by this Bluetooth speaker is insane.

By Namerah Saud Fatmi published March 22, 2022

Tronsmart Bang

(Image: © Namerah Saud Fatmi / Android Central)


Tronsmart Bang achieves an incredible feat, albeit with a few caveats. The outdoor Bluetooth speaker produces fantastic sound in different environments and its rugged nature makes you unafraid to use it at the beach or next to the pool. The color-changing lighting is fun and the many connectivity options make the speaker versatile. However, the Bluetooth connection can be finicky and the buttons need to be more visible.


  • Loud, bassy, and crisp sound ideal for outdoors
  • IPX6 water-resistant rating
  • 10,800mAh battery doubles as power bank
  • Various ports and connectivity options
  • Excellent app with 8 presets


  • Battery life suffers with lights on
  • Buttons are hard to see
  • First-time Bluetooth connection is glitchy

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Tronsmart makes some excellent Bluetooth speakers and true wireless earbuds. What’s even better is that most of them don’t cost an arm and a leg without trading off audio quality. The Tronsmart Bang is one such speaker that is designed for outdoor use and created with portability and ruggedness in mind. Other specifications also keep these purposes of use in mind.

What differentiates the Tronsmart Bang from most cheap Bluetooth speakers is the multi-color light strip built into it and a few other features. What’ll excite you most is probably the price: just $110 for this gigantic speaker that pumps out seriously loud sound. So if you’re on the hunt for a spectacular party speaker that’ll survive a few dunks in the pool without bankrupting you, the Tronsmart Bang is a serious contender. Should you go for it over competitors? The answer is a little more complicated than a simple yes or no.LOUD AND CHEERFULLY CHEAP

Tronsmart Bang

The Tronsmart Bang Bluetooth speaker sits in the budget segment but tries to shoot for the stars. The combination of a 10,800mAh battery, loud and rich 60W sound, a responsive light strip, and plenty of ports makes this a pretty good deal. Throw in the IPX6 waterproofing and you’ve got yourself a nice and affordable outdoor speaker.US$119.99at GeekBuying€104.37at GeekBuyingCheck Amazon


Tronsmart Bang
(Image credit: Namerah Saud Fatmi / Android Central)

Tronsmart announced the Bang outdoor speaker on March 8, 2022. Currently, you can buy it on Geekbuying or AliExpress in most countries. An Amazon US launch is imminent, but there is no exact launch date available yet. Based on past releases, it is likely that we’ll see the Tronsmart Bang on Amazon by April.Sponsored LinksDo You Speak English? You can work remotely from Pakistan for a USA employerUSA Job from Home | Search Ads

The Tronsmart Bang is only available in one color variant and that is black. You can purchase the Bluetooth speaker for $110 across all available platforms.RECOMMENDED VIDEOS FOR YOU…CLOSE seconds of 13 minutes, 44 secondsVolume 0% PLAY SOUND


Tronsmart Bang
(Image credit: Namerah Saud Fatmi / Android Central)


Though it may be very affordable, the Tronsmart Bang doesn’t look cheap. You get a solid build that feels durable and the fabric covering the speaker feels premium. Taking in the handle on top, physical buttons, strip lighting, and overall appealing looks, the design is rather fetching. I love that the light responds to music but you can also set it to a emit a single color through the app or turn it off to save battery. In essence, the Bang looks very similar to a JBL speaker sans the cool light strip, and I like it.

The Tronsmart speaker’s IPX6 waterproof rating is suitable for pool parties, beachside hangouts, or camping trips by streams or riversides. At 6.79 pounds, it is also lightweight compared to other outdoors speakers, weighing almost half as much as its most direct competitors. The handle has a matte finish that feels smooth and adds grip, making the audio gear highly portable.

Tronsmart Bang
(Image credit: Namerah Saud Fatmi / Android Central)

You can play music through so many means, whether its via Bluetooth, NFC, or a 3.5mm headphone jack. Tronsmart is generous enough to include an aux cable in the box. The Tronsmart Bang can be used any way you like, even without depending on another device. Looking to save battery on your phone? Get a microSD card or a USB hard drive and play music off of it instead.

Tronsmart delivers exactly the type of sound you need from such a boisterous outdoor speaker. The 60W Tronsmart Bang is super loud, but the best part is that it doesn’t lose any clarity nor does it crackle. You can crank the volume all the way up and the Bang speaker will still play you banging tunes with just the right amount of bass, crystal clear vocals, and beyond satisfying audio quality overall. There are eight equalizer presets within the app that are adequate. Tronsmart’s propriety TuneConn tech allows you to pair and sync all the way up to 100 Bang speakers together, all pumping out rich, bassy sound in unison.

The 60W Tronsmart Bang is super loud, but the best part is that it doesn’t lose any clarity nor does it crackle.

With the lights off, the Bang party speaker is rated for 15 hours and you get close to that in real life at mid volumes. Turning that up obviously reduces the uptime. You can expect about 10 hours with the flashy lighting turned off at high to max sound levels. Speaking for battery, the Tronsmart Bang’s 10,800mAh cell can be used as power bank in a pinch. This I found very handy when barbecuing outdoors with the family. I powered a lamp off of the Bluetooth speaker after dark which proved its resourcefulness as a portable outdoor accessory.



Tronsmart Bang
(Image credit: Namerah Saud Fatmi / Android Central)

Tronsmart got so much right but there are a couple of kinks that need to be worked out. Let’s start with the most important issue that I faced. Setting up the Tronsmart Bang the first time isn’t a consistent experience across devices. Even if your phone has the latest Bluetooth chip, it might take some time to discover the audio device at first. This can be troublesome and somewhat annoying. After the initial Bluetooth connection and setup though, the connection process is smooth and efficient.

Another one of my woes has to do with the Bang speaker’s physical buttons. Matte black silicon buttons set in matte black plastic makes them entirely unreadable. This isn’t even a new problem, it goes way back to the Tronsmart Force Bluetooth speaker. You have to literally point a flashlight at the buttons for visibility, even in broad daylight. Seeing as how this defeats the purpose of making controls accessible, the readability issue renders the buttons completely useless.

The Tronsmart Bang speaker’s physical buttons are entirely unreadable, even in broad daylight.

Finally, the Tronsmart Bang definitely has space for improvement in the battery segment. We’re just about to look at the most potential alternatives to the Tronsmart Bang and that’ll shed more light at this. Most other similar speakers that are built for the outdoors are rated for a 24-hour battery life. Sure, they don’t actually last that long at higher volumes, but they come close.

If you have to keep the lights off to achieve something close to the Bang’s 15-hour uptime as advertised, it really takes away from its value proposition. Not using a feature to achieve another discourages people from purchasing the Bang as opposed to competing products.


JBL Boombox 2 in black and camouflage colorways
(Image credit: JBL)


There is no shortage of fantastic Bluetooth speakers at varying price points. The humble Tronsmart Bang speaker meets its match in the form of the fancier JBL Boombox 2. You get an IPX7 rating over Tronsmart’s IPX6, 24-hour battery life instead of 15, and a newer Bluetooth 5.1 module in lieu of Bluetooth 5.0. JBL is famous for its amazing audio quality, and the Boombox 2 excels in this category. However, it costs almost five times as much as the Bang, doesn’t have lights, and lacks SD card and USB drive playback.

Set your sights much lower and you will find that the affordable Anker Soundcore Motion Boom serves as a perfect alternative to the Tronsmart Bang. For one, it costs exactly the same as the Tronsmart speaker. While the Soundcore Motion Boom looks appalling, the speaker’s ability to float in water makes up for its hideous appearance. You get the same IPX7 rating, 24-hour battery life, and connectivity as the JBL Boombox 2 but again, there’s no ambient light that responds to music or versatile playback options such as an SD card.


Tronsmart Bang
(Image credit: Namerah Saud Fatmi / Android Central)

You should buy this if…

– You need a budget outdoor speaker

– You want plenty of playback options

– You’d like to have a light that responds to music

– You’re looking for something lightweight

You shouldn’t buy this if…

– You need a 24-hour battery life

– You can’t stand unreadable buttons

– You don’t have patience for finicky Bluetooth setupAdvertisement

Tronsmart brings a few unique features to the table, hoping that that’s enough to sway you away from the likes of JBL and Anker. The Bang Bluetooth speaker looks attractive, feels light but sturdy, and above all, sounds spectacular outdoors. It may not have an IPX7 waterproof rating, but IPX6 is the next best thing. The buttons are hard to spot but you can just use the companion app to make things easier.

What you won’t get from the other speakers in the market of similar nature is lighting that changes with music and playback compatibility with USB drives and SD cards. This, in our eyes, makes up for the slightly lesser 15-hour battery life. You’re not missing out on anything major, and the added benefits of getting the Tronsmart Bang are pretty cool. All that for lower-tier price tag makes this outdoor Bluetooth speaker a value-rich buy.BANG FOR BUCK

Tronsmart Bang

Tronsmart gets the party started with a Bang. You get powerful, high quality sound reverberating through the air from a robust waterproof speaker. You can customize the sound and the lights, and there are plenty of ways to connect. All that for a rock bottom price makes this an awesome value buy.US$119.99at GeekBuying€104.37at GeekBuyingCheck Amazon

Namerah Saud Fatmi

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