May 13, 2022

Best Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra cases 2022

By Chris Wedel Contributions from Samuel Contreras published about 18 hours ago

Protect your S22 Ultra’s perfect finish with a wide variety of cases.

It may not technically be a Galaxy Note but with a large display and an S Pen, the S22 Ultra fills the void well. Powerful, productive, and quite pretty in its green and burgundy colorways, your S22 Ultra deserves excellent protection with one of the best cases that will fit around its massive chassis. After all, it is one of the best Android phones on the market. Whether you want heavy-duty protection, grip without the bulk or even something that can replace your wallet, this selection of the best Galaxy S22 Ultra cases have you covered — literally.

These cases will protect your expensive new S22 Ultra

Poetic Spartan

Ruggedly handsome

While there are many heavy-duty kickstand cases for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, few look as dignified as the Poetic Spartan, with leather-textured panels and deeper blue and green backplates to better match the S22 Ultra’s colorways, but fiery red and neutral grays are also available.View at Amazon

Galaxy S22 Ultra Silicone Cover with Strap

Get strapped

The strap on the back of this case acts both as a phone grip and an easy method of personalization. You can buy alternative straps in various colors, patterns, and artist designs, and licensed designs are on the way.View at Amazon

Incipio Duo

Double up

Your Galaxy S22 Ultra will stay safe thanks to the dual-layer protection from the Incipio Duo, and the antimicrobial treatment on the case helps kill off 99% of surface bacteria. The planet will also thank you since the case is made from recycled materials.Check Amazon

[U] by UAG

Slim but sturdy

While there are thinner clear cases around, you should opt for something with a decent drop-protection rating for the Ultra’s larger size. The Lucent keeps it thin and comes in either clear or translucent pink or blue, which I fancy way too much.View at Amazon

Caseology Parallax

Grippy, great colors

Textured stripes on the sides of the Parallax help you keep it firmly in hand while you tap, text, or doodle away with your S Pen. Both the burgundy and the Midnight green match exquisitely, though I wish the Matte Black had a red accent (like the Pixel 6 model).View at Amazon

CaseBorne R Series

Clearly durable

Most clear cases aim to be as invisible as possible, but CaseBorne instead focuses on drop protection. This Galaxy S22 case should help your phone survive 12-foot drops while letting you show off those darling colors.View at Amazon

Spigen Cryo Armor

Keep cool

Spigen’s first gaming accessory is this literally cool case. It’s designed to keep your phone from overheating, so it’s a great option if you’re constantly gaming on your phone or tend to use your phone in hotter environments.View at Amazon

Samsung Clear Standing Cover

Prop it up

Samsung knows how to make a case with a great fit and this clear standing cover looks perfect on any color S22 Ultra. The flip-out kickstand lets you put your phone to work as a media player without adding a bunch of extra bulk. Protection isn’t as high as some but with a slim design, it’s a solid balance.View at Amazon

Ringke Onyx

Slim and secure

This flexible case won’t add any bulk to your Ultra, but it will add grip and protect your phone against scratches, slips, and smaller drops. The colors are all cool and muted while the matte finish obscures scuffs.View at Amazon

Nillkin CamShield Armor

Put a ring on it

This more robust version of Nillkin’s camera-cover case adds a ring grip that doubles as a kickstand when you’re not using it to keep your S22 Ultra steady in your hand. Air cushion corners add extra protection against shattering drops.View at Amazon


Tough as nails

Do you put your phone through impossible situations? Do you need a case that will keep your S22 Ultra alive even when it crosses paths with cars or lawnmowers? SUPCASE delivers on its durability with the solid, dependable UB Pro.View at Amazon

Spigen Liquid Air

Understated grip

Like the Parallax, the Liquid Air is another favorite of ours from last year, and the S22 Ultra’s version is better than ever. The sides and back feature different textures and the thin profile keeps it manageable in the hand.View at Amazon

i-Blason Ares

Bold and beautiful

This two-piece clear case offers the same robust protection you’d see from an OtterBox or Poetic case while still letting you show off the slick Galaxy design. While available in red and black, the purple best contrasts the Ultra’s shades.View at Amazon

Incipio Kate Spade New York Defensive Hardshell

Ultra fashionable

Who says phone cases aren’t fashionable? Get excellent protection for your phone and antimicrobial surface protection in a slim footprint, with one of four Kate Spade designs. The button and port covers make sure all aspects of your phone look as good as your case does.Check Amazon

Anccer Ultra Thin

Barely there

This thin hardshell case won’t add any bulk to your S22 Ultra, but it will help guard that beautiful back against scuffs and scratches. Don’t expect any real impact protection here; there’s not enough mass in the case to absorb one.View at Amazon

Arae Polyurethane Leather Wallet Case Cover

Keep it together

The Galaxy S22 Ultra already holds your life on it, it might as well hold your cash and cards, too. Four card slots and a cash flap sit inside the folio cover, and you can attach a wrist strap for added security.View at Amazon

Caseology Nano Pop

Terrific two-tone

This case is only slightly thicker than Anccer’s Ultra Thin, but it offers double the protection and double the grip. The cameras are expertly protected by the accent-colored modules, and both the classic Blueberry Navy and Evo Green serve excellent looks.View at Amazon

VRS Design Damda Glide Hybird

Keep it all safe

This card slot case can fit four cards and cash, twice that of most competitors, and the kickstand affixed to the back of the semi-automatic sliding cover works vertically and horizontally for easier reading or watching.View at Amazon

Why you need one of the best S22 Ultra cases

The Galaxy S22 Ultra is one of the best Android phones and is one of the largest and the heaviest of the S22 series. With more mass means it falls with more force, so drop protection ends up being paramount for Galaxy S22 cases. Heavy-duty cases like the Supcase UB Pro, Poetic Spartan, and CaseBorne Series R add in as much drop protection as they can while still trying to meet the other needs of their users: visibility and functionality.

Speaking of functionality, even if kickstand cases aren’t usually your jam, you might want to give them fresh consideration for the Galaxy S22 Ultra. This phone is basically a mini-tablet; being able to drop it up with notes, app feeds, or with a Zoom call, it comes in very handy very quickly. While Samsung itself makes a handful of quality cases for this phone, there are a ton of other options too.

If you prefer your protection less tank-like and more subtle, the Caseology Parallax and Spigen Liquid Air both offer grip and air cushions in more svelte packages, though I can’t draw my eyes away from the Caseology Nano Pop’s Evo Green colorway. Don’t forget, while a case keeps most of the outer surfaces safe from drops, be sure to get one of the best screen protectors for the Galaxy S22 Ultra to keep the display safe.

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