May 11, 2022

Best tablet stands 2022

By Aimee Hart published December 03, 2021

Ugreen Adjustable Tablet Stand Lifestyle

Ugreen Adjustable Tablet Stand Lifestyle (Image credit: Ugreen)

Whether you want to use your tablet to view a recipe while cooking or watch a movie in bed, you’ll want to have one of the best tablet stands out there to do its job: free up your hands. There’s nothing worse than trying to relax after a long day only to have your arms get tired from holding your tablet up for hours. Fortunately, these tablet stands we’ve chosen will make that problem seem like a thing of the past.FOLDABLE AND LIGHT

UGreen Multi-Angle Adjustable Tablet Stand

$9 at Amazon

This stand is wide enough to accommodate most tablets and has internal padding to keep your device from sliding off. It’s also lightweight and foldable.STYLISH AND TRENDY

Lamicall Adjustable Tablet Stand

From $17 at Amazon

The Lamicall tablet stand is easily adjustable and even works for other devices like your phone. The base has anti-skid cushions to keep it in place.EASY-TO-USE CLAMP

SRMATE Gooseneck Tablet Stand

$18 at Amazon

The Gooseneck stand is great for watching TV, movies, or even reading, with a flexible base and a clamp that lets you easily mount your tablet anywhere.PORTABLE AND PRACTICAL

Amazon Basics Adjustable Tablet Holder Stand

$11 at Amazon

The AmazonBasics stand has a non-skid base and two vertical points that let you position your tablet at any angle. It also folds to be easily portable.HEIGHT TRUMPS ALL

CTA Digital Height Adjustable Tablet Floor Stand

$35 at Amazon

The CTA Digital floor stand has adjustable height and works great as a music stand or media display, and the weighted base keeps it from falling over.COMFORTABLE AND FLEXIBLE

Tablift Tablet Stand

$40 at Amazon

The Tablift stand has flexible legs that can be folded down or twisted so you can comfortably use your tablet in bed. It works in landscape and portrait.ON THE GO

MAYOGA Tablet Holder for Car Mount

$15 at Amazon

I got this for my Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 to hold in the car, but it will fit larger tablets for great visibility in the car.

Which tablet stand should you get?

Tablets have all sorts of uses, ranging from watching YouTube videos and movies to playing music, keeping up to date on social media, and even getting work done. Regardless if you have one of the top-of-the-line Samsung tablet or a simple tablet for movies and browsing the web, a stand is great to have. Stands can be helpful for some of those tasks more than others, and if you’re looking for a multipurpose stand that works well for most scenarios, the UGREEN stand is simple, portable, and adaptable.

If you need a more flexible stand that lets you adjust to virtually any angle and mount your tablet onto anything, the Gooseneck Tablet Holder from SRMATE has a large clamp that can attach to just about any countertop or other surface. Lastly, tablets are commonly used in music performance since large screens are great for displaying sheet music. With the CTA Digital Floor Stand, you can adjust the height of your tablet without having to worry about it toppling over, thanks to the weighted base.

Aimee Hart

Aimee Hart 

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