May 11, 2022

Best Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus cases 2022

By Keegan Prosser Contributions from Camille Sanghera Namerah Saud Fatmi published about 15 hours ago

From rugged armor to biodegradable options, we’re on the case.

No matter how beautiful your shiny new Galaxy S22 Plus is, it won’t stay beautiful should it slip out of your hands onto rough asphalt or unforgiving stone. Grip and impact absorption are the only cures, and to get both, you need a top-notch case. Thankfully, we have the best Galaxy S22 Plus cases for you right here for you to pick from.

These Galaxy S22 Plus cases offer protection and functionality

Poetic Neon Series Case Designed for Samsung Galaxy S22

Classic design, bold colors

This two-layer design is a throwback for many of us, but it’s still secure and sound, and the eight colorways here beat the pants off the OtterBox Commuter Series. The only thing missing is a dust flap, and silicone plugs are easier to use, anyway.View at Amazon

Spigen Liquid Air Armor Designed for Galaxy S22

Top-notch texture

The triangular texture across the back of this case is grippy without being a dust and grime magnet like Samsung’s official silicone case. The air-cushion channels across the case’s lining can help soften drops, while its slim, form-fit is easy to hold.Check Amazon

Official Galaxy S22 Plus Silicone Cover with Strap

So fun yet functional

Debuting with the Galaxy Z Flip 3, the Silicon Cover with Strap turned a lot of heads, and Samsung is stepping up its game with the S22+ model. This case’s design makes it easy to hold and scroll with only one hand. This keeps your other hand free to do other things. Plus, the grippy silicone cover is durable, so it will keep your phone safe even if you accidentally drop it.Check Amazon

CaseBorne V for Samsung S22

Ruggedly handsome

Taking full advantage of its extra mass, the CaseBorne V (formerly Armadillotek) nests an extra-durable kickstand in the back of the case so that no matter where you are, you don’t have to hold it up the whole time. This case has been tested to withstand 21-foot drops, so you can bring it along with you on any adventure without risking damage to your Samsung.Check Amazon

Ringke Onyx Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S22

No-frills grip

Ringke knows the last thing you want is your phone to slide around the table while you’re tapping at it, so it offers raised feet on the back to both keep the phone stable and keep the camera more elevated from the tabletop.View at Amazon

Caseology Nano Pop

Bubbly, bold colors

The Nano Pop has proven itself a worthwhile case over the last year, and it’s looking quite fetching on the S22 as well. The Blueberry Navy color scheme will speak to many, many sports fans, but the Evo Green will turn heads, too. Offering a slim fit, this two-tone case is easy to hold. It’s also conveniently compatible with wireless charging. View at Amazon

Poetic Guardian Case for Samsung Galaxy S22+

Protective and pretty

Using the same polycarbonate frame and reinforced shell design as its stouter Spartan case, the Guardian still offers plenty of protection while creating striking contrasts between case and phone colorway. Its built-in anti-scratch screen protector and fingerprint scanner make this case tough and easy to use.Check Amazon

Official Galaxy S22+ Leather Cover

Rich leather

Genuine leather cases are getting harder and harder to find these days, but that’s okay; Samsung makes the best leather Galaxy S22+ case. This case is shock-absorbing, keeping your device safe from bumps and falls. The colors this year aren’t quite as wide as years past, but it still looked pretty great in black.  Check Amazon

Diverbox for Galaxy S22 Plus

Ready to defend

Never worry about your Samsung Galaxy S22 breaking with this heavy-duty case. With a solid outer shell and a cozy-fitting interior, this case will arm and protect! In fact, it is designed with military-grade protection. Not only does this wicked strong case keep your phone safe, but it’s also uber practical too as it supports wireless charging.Check Amazon

i-Blason Cosmo Case

Marvelous marbling

Want heavy-duty protection without looking like a total bore? i-Blason’s Cosmo is the multi-colored answer to your prayers. Available in three marbled varieties, these cases are grippy, solid, and cute all in one. In fact, these aesthetically pleasing cases are also bump-and-scratch-resistant, so feel good flashing your new phone case wherever you go.View at Amazon

ESR Metal Kickstand

Slimmer support

ESR knows that even though kickstands are extra-useful in the age of video calls and TikTok binges, most of us want one without having to wear a tank. The kickstand here is smaller and lower, but still secure if properly cared for. Plus, its clear design lets you show off the color of your phone too!View at Amazon

Spigen Slim Armor CS Designed for Galaxy S22 Plus Case

Carry it all

While Samsung Digital Wallet can store your driver’s license, you still need the physical one when you drive, so keep it hidden but close with this sleek wallet case. It can fit two cards and a couple of crisply folded bills. Simply slide the built-in wallet’s lid down to expose your cards hidden in this shock-absorbing case.View at Amazon

kwmobile TPU Silicone Case Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus

20 flavors of awesome

This minimalistic case has no real branding or defining textures; it’s a scratch guard, grip, and carrier of stupendous shades. You have 20 colors to choose from, meaning whether you want Alabama crimson or Little Mermaid purple, you can scratch that itch here.View at Amazon

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Series Case for Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus

Built for a beating

Supcase loves to share the absolute horror stories UB Pro owners have put the cases through, like phones surviving a high-speed fall on a freeway or getting run over by a lawnmower. This is your Galaxy S22+’s Fort Knox. When you’re not testing its armor, flip out its kickstand and binge-watch your favorite show. View at Amazon

UAG Outback Bio Series

Eco-friendly durability

UAG’s known for its drop protection, and even with this 100-percent compostable, biodegradable case, they’ve managed to keep a 12-foot drop protection rating. Both the case and the packaging are eco-friendly and both speckled colorways look awesome.Check Amazon

The best Galaxy S22 Plus cases balance size and security

Your Samsung Galaxy S22+ could last you five years if you treat it right, which is why your case needs to be protective above all else. That doesn’t mean you need to go fully heavy-duty with the Supcase UB Pro or Armadillotek Series V — though both are wonderfully sturdy cases with wide, steady kickstands — more compact cases like the Ringke Onyx and Spigen Liquid Air can add grip and air cushion impact protection.

The Galaxy S22+’s four colorways can create some interesting styles when mixed with cases like the Poetic Guardian and Neon that can mesh perfectly or go bold with sharp contrasting shades. Why go basic black when you can spice things up with some color? If you’re extra-particular about your hues, kwmobile has dozens of shades to pick from.

If you missed the + in the title here and were looking for cases for the S22+’s big and little sisters, we’ve also rounded up the best Galaxy S22 cases for the only compact flagship left in the main Android market and the best Galaxy S22 Ultra cases for the newest Note in everything but name. We’ve also gathered up all of Samsung’s first-party Galaxy S22 cases for those of you seeking an official case to blow your promotional credit on — though seriously, the Silicone Case with Strap is the best bet if you care about actual style.

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