May 11, 2022

Best keyboards for Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE 2022

By Christine Persaud published December 11, 2021

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Fe Fanned

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Fe Fanned (Image credit: Samsung)

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE might be a tablet, but add a keyboard to the mix, and it’s a full-on workhorse just as capable as your on-the-go laptop. It’s packed with an octa-core processor, 5G connectivity, a 12.4-inch display, and a slim form factor that allows this tablet to keep up with all your work and entertainment needs. Add the inclusion of an S Pen in the box along with Samsung DeX compatibility, and this is a feature-rich tablet worth investing in a keyboard to get the most out of it. If you’ve decided to opt for this new tablet over the smaller Galaxy Tab S7, here are the best keyboards for the Galaxy Tab S7 FE.A PERFECT MATCH

Samsung Keyboard Book Cover

$160 at Samsung

Not surprisingly, the best keyboard for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE is the official Samsung Keyboard Book Cover. It’s designed to be used specifically with this device and the Tab S7+ and boasts a slim design, easy installation via magnets, and a dedicated compartment for the S Pen. It doesn’t get more perfect than a keyboard that was tailor-made for the device.BASIC AND RELIABLE

SPARIN Tablet Keyboard

View at Amazon

Designed to work with almost any Bluetooth-enabled tablet or smartphone, this keyboard doesn’t come with a case, so you’ll need to use your own to prop the tablet up. Finished in basic black, it’s thin and light enough to pop into your backpack or briefcase along with the Tab S7 FE and can run for up to 30 days of continuous use and half a year with automatic sleep mode. However, keep in mind that the tablet is powered by a pair of AAA batteries that aren’t included, so you’ll need to grab a pack.MAGNETIC ATTACHMENT

Foluu Keyboard Case

$45 at Amazon

Just like the official Samsung case, this keyboard comes housed in a smart case cover that connects magnetically to sleep/wake the device when it’s opened or closed. The keyboard attaches via magnets and is detachable so that you can use it with or without the folio cover. Available in black or grey, it can connect wirelessly via Bluetooth or microUSB.TOUCH OF ELEGANCE

YSMILE Keyboard Case

$27 at Amazon

Add a touch of elegance to your tablet with this keyboard and case combo. The case, available in three colors, is made of durable PU leather, while the keyboard can run for up to 60 hours per charge of its built-in Lithium polymer battery. Adjust the angle for watching movies, writing, or surfing the web and conveniently store your S Pen at the top.LIGHT UP YOUR LIFE

Coastacloud Backlit Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

$20 at Amazon

This highly-rated portable wireless Bluetooth keyboard comes with seven backlight colors from which you can choose to complement your gaming, workday, or whatever activity you have going on. There are also three brightness levels so you can see things clearly while burning the midnight oil or have a bit of extra light in a dim room during the day. It even comes with a stand holder that can accommodate the tablet and prop it up at multiple angles.TRUSTED BRAND

Logitech K480 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard

$35 at Amazon

You can’t go wrong with any computer peripheral from Logitech, and this keyboard is no exception. While it has an integrated stand, it’s also too short to accommodate the tablet in landscape mode, but you can use it to prop the device up in portrait orientation. Use the Easy-Switch dial to toggle among your tablet, smartphone, and other Bluetooth devices.

Which Galaxy Tab S7 FE case should you choose?

There has long been a debate over whether a tablet can truly replace a laptop for some workers, allowing them to get everything done that they need to without having to invest hundreds, even thousands, of dollars in an expensive laptop. However, when looking at premium devices like the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE, it certainly seems possible. But a significant part of the equation is adding a keyboard to that set-up.

Ideally, the best keyboard for the Galaxy Tab S7 FE would be a Bluetooth variety that can connect wirelessly to the tablet. But the all-around best set-up is a keyboard case that includes both a protective folio and a built-in and removable keyboard. There’s no question that Samsung’s own Book Cover is the perfect companion to the Galaxy Tab S7 FE. They go together like peanut butter and jelly.

But really, you can use any universal Bluetooth keyboard with the device if you just want physical keys that will make typing reports and doing other keyboard-related activities easier. Keep in mind that if you’re still mulling over whether or not to upgrade from the Galaxy Tab S6 to the Galaxy Tab S7, the keyboards without cases on this list will work with both, so you can grab one and decide later.

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