May 11, 2022

Best E Ink tablet 2022

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OnyxBoox Nova 3 ColorCHECK PRICE2


AmazonKindle Paperwhite (2018)CHECK PRICE3


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Onyx Boox Nova3 Lifestyle

Onyx Boox Nova3 Lifestyle (Image credit: Onyx Boox)

E Ink tablets are a weird breed. Most people associate them with the best e-readers, but some of the best electronic ink tablets offer a host of different functions. Modern paper displays have advanced beyond the confines of limited usage and now many can be used for writing, reading comic books, and even drawing in color. The best E Ink tablet that offers all these features in one unified body is the BOOX Nova3 Color. It has a large and beautiful screen that can display color and has writing functionality that delivers a pen-and-paper feel. If you love the look and feel of traditional reading and writing mediums, this tablet will surely capture your heart.

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Onyx Boox Nova3 Lifestyle
Source: Onyx Boox (Image credit: Source: Onyx Boox)

Boox Nova3 Color

The best overall E Ink tabletTODAY’S BEST DEALSCHECK AMAZON$420 at Amazon


+7.8-inch Kaleido Plus color display+Stylus support+32GB storage+Android 10+Great battery life+USB Type-C fast charging


-Steep price-No IP resistance rating-E Ink display isn’t bright under the sun

While most E Ink displays tend to focus on doing one thing, the Boox Nova3 Color does it all. This display incorporates the latest Kaleido Plus technology from E Ink Holdings, the creators of the tech. This allows the Nova3 to display 4,096 colors on its 7.8-inch display which is unusual for most E Ink tablets. Comics can be viewed in full color and you can even draw, highlight, or jot down notes in different shades thanks to the accompanying stylus. The Boox Nova3’s touch function for the stylus is powered by Wacom, the company that makes the best drawing tablets. It imitates the true blue traditional feel of writing on paper with a pen.

Boox really took things to the next level by adding more gear under the Nova3’s hood. This tablet runs Android 10 out of the box so you can actually install and use apps from the Boox Store. It has 3GB of RAM, 32GB of onboard storage, a USB Type-C port that supports fast charging, and a set of speakers. Amazingly, the 3,150mAh battery can last for weeks with the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth turned off. The Boox Nova3 is the complete package, it is almost a full-blown Android tablet.

Unfortunately, if you want the complete package, you’ll have to pay for it since this tablet isn’t exactly cheap in comparison to normal tablets. It also lacks an IP resistance rating, which is a bummer, and E Ink displays are famously dim in the sun. We believe you can live with these shortcomings as the combination of features in the Boox Nova3 is just too good.RECOMMENDED VIDEOS FOR YOU… seconds of 13 minutes, 35 secondsVolume 0% PLAY SOUND

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