May 10, 2022

Best games for Amazon Fire HD tablets 2021

By Rachel Mogan published December 26, 2021

Amazon Fire Hd 10 Mandalorian

Amazon Fire Hd 10 Mandalorian (Image credit: Amazon)Jump to:

Amazon’s line of Fire HD Tablets are a solid alternative for those seeking a budget-friendly option. At half the cost of an iPad, the Amazon Fire HD 10 boasts good battery life, performance, USB-C port, and even a coveted headphone jack! Its display isn’t glare-resistant, though, so if you’re in the market for a dedicated e-reader, you’d be better off sticking with Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite.

But for all of your other tablet needs, including gaming, an Amazon Fire HD tablet can be a hub for all your entertainment needs. You can make those long car rides with the kids much more bearable and make the most out of your Amazon Fire HD tablet with these great games. Some of these are already ranked among our best mobile games, so you can’t go wrong.


Drawful is back, and it’s better than ever thanks to new features like custom prompts, censoring options (making it more family-friendly and stream-friendly), and an audience feature that allows potentially thousands of players to join your games. For those unfamiliar with Drawful, it’s a party game where you draw prompts, other players guess what they are, and then those responses become multiple choice answers that players use to vote for what they think the real answer is.

One of the biggest selling points of Drawful 2 is that only one player has to actually own the game. Instead, the owner sets up a room and provides a room code so that others can join in from their own tablets, phones, or laptops by entering the code into a site through their web browser. It’s a great way to get everyone involved, and you’re sure to have some silly shenanigans and loads of laughs along the way.RECOMMENDED VIDEOS FOR YOU…OnePlus Buds Z2 Mini-ReviewOnePlus has just launched its latest affordable set of true wireless earbuds, the OnePlus Buds Z2. Here’s a quick look! seconds of 54 secondsVolume 0% PLAY SOUND


Drawful 2

The perfect party game for the artistically gifted AND the artistically challenged, you’re sure to get a laugh with Drawful 2.


Games don’t have to be complicated to be good and Happy Color proves that. Happy Color boasts thousands of images for you to bring to life, from nature scenes to hobbies and even Disney and Pixar scenes. Although the game bills itself as a color by number game for adults, it’s just as good for kiddos, too.

Happy Color is also free, which makes it nearly ideal for the artistically inclined among us. Its one big downside is that forced ads pop up every few images, detracting from the more soothing aspects of the game.

Happy Color Icon


Happy Color: Color by Number

Kick back, relax, and soothe your soul with this simple yet satisfying color by numbers game.


It’s hard to believe, but there are some folks out there who still haven’t heard about Jackbox Games. Jackbox and all of its assorted Party Packs feature hilarious party games that pit you and your friends against each other for the coveted crown of victory. There are quite a few Jackbox Party Packs available for Amazon Fire HD tablets. Still, Jackbox Party Pack 3 is my personal recommendation because it has two of my favorite games, Trivia Murder Party and Tee K.O.

At $24.99, it’s a pricey pick for sure, but the replay value is excellent, and only one person has to own the game; everyone else can join a room for free from their own devices!

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