May 9, 2022

Stylish Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 cases 2022
By Keegan Prosser Benefactions from Andrew Myrick published 27 days ago

Do not forget to cover your Tab S8

Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra with S Pen and S Pen Pro
( Image credit Android Central/ Andrew Myrick)
The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 takes everything you love about the S7 Series to the coming position. In addition to featuring an 11- inch TV screen, the Tab S8 features 8 GB of RAM and briskly Wi-Fi pets. But none of that matters if you do not have a solid case to cover your candescent new tablet. With that in mind, we have rounded up some of the stylish Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 cases available right now.

Spigen Rugged Armor Pro
30 at Amazon
Erected to last

The Spigen Rugged Armor Pro case features a bold, auto- inspired design with carbon fiber details and a matte black finish. It’s also compatible with the Spigen brand screen protection and includes Air Cushion Technology, which promises a snug fit and excellent shock immersion.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Note View Cover
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Super unique

The Note View Cover from Samsung might just be the most intriguing case that we have seen. The cover rests on the top of your screen, but is transparent, and makes it feel like you are actually jotting down notes or drawing in a tablet. This also keeps your screen defended while you are traveling around.

Ringke Fusion Case (2022)
22 at Amazon
Durable & satiny

This cover features a durable, transparent PC reverse and TPU cushion to cover your Galaxy Tab S8’s TV touchscreen display. It also comes with erected-in QuikCatch Lanyard holes to add strips for hands-free operation and a erected-in pen holder designed to keep your S Pen safe and secure. The cover presently comes in both Clear and Bank Black performances.

Lyrical Revolution Series
View at Amazon
Heavy- duty protection

This case promises to cover your tablet”from all angles”while also retaining wireless charging capabilities. Gratuities include a erected-in screen protection, harborage covers, a rugged polycarbonate back, and a shock- absorbing TPU cushion, as well as a pull- eschewal kickstand for vertical tablet exposure.

Lyrical TurtleSkin Series
15 at Amazon
Grip & go

Lyrical’s TurtleSkin Series is made with sprat-friendly,non-toxic silicone that is splash- evidence and features a unique turtle shell pattern on the reverse for better grip. The case is also erected to more absorb shock and features raised air reflections that will help your tablet from overheating.

Fintie Keyboard Case for Galaxy Tab S8
41 at Amazon
For laptop suckers

This low- profile case features durable PU leather on the surface and ananti-slip rubber filling on the inside. It also includes a magnetically divisible Slim 7 mm Bluetooth keyboard for those who want their tablet to double as a laptop, which doubles as part of the case’s stage. S Pen glamorous and wireless charging is also supported when the case is on.

TiMOVO Case for Galaxy Tab S8
24 at Amazon
All the colors

This slim book cover case includes a glamorous cover that attaches forcefully and securely to the reverse of your Galaxy Tab S8. It also comes in multiple colors and provides open-to-wake and close-to- sleep functionality, which both protects your screen and conserves battery life.
Supveco Smart Cover with Auto Sleep/ Wake for Galaxy Tab S8
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School vibes

There are plenitude of people who like having a bit of nostalgia invoked when using their different bias. This Smart Cover from Supveco should do the trick it’s designed to look like the composition tablet you used in academy. It also provides easy access to your S Pen, along with automatically putting your Tab S8 to sleep when you flip over the folio cover.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Book Cover Keyboard
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From the source

Samsung’s Book Cover Keyboard makes its return with the Galaxy Tab S8. It makes use of the pogo legs plant on the bottom of your tablet, along with attractions, to give a stable connection. And there is indeed a trackpad on the front so you do not have to reach up and touch the screen.

Who makes the stylish Galaxy Tab S8 cases?
When it comes to who’s making the stylish covers for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, it may be too early to tell. That being said, Spigen has established itself as one of the stylish and most harmonious manufacturers of Tab covers and the sturdy Spigen Rugged Armor Pro case is no exception. Along those same lines, the Poetic Revolution Series case offers similar protection and the added perk of a erected-in kickstand, while also going a many bucks less.

Still, also the clear Ringke Fusion Case may be the better option for you, If you are looking for a case that will still allow you to respect the color of your new Galaxy Tab S8. And if you’d rather find a cover that shows further personality the red Lyrical Turtleskin Series case or one of the TiMOVO cases might be further to your relish.

No matter which case you choose, it’s good to remember that a defended tablet is the most useful tablet to have.

Keegan Prosser
Keegan Prosser
Keegan Prosser is a freelance contributor grounded in the PNW. When she’s not writing about her favorite streaming apps and bias for Android Central, she’s harkening to a true- crime podcast, creating the perfect playlist for her coming road trip, and trying to figure out which fitness shamus she should try next. You can follow her on Twitter@keeganprosser.

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