May 6, 2022

Sony’s PS Plus Conversion Rates Get Worse As Voucher Time Increases


PS Plus Voucher Conversion Rates

Players who have a current PS Plus or PS Now subscription are finding they can’t increase the length of that membership since Sony temporarily disabled stacking memberships for existing customers. This has left players wondering what they may be able to do with their vouchers once the new PlayStation Plus tiers are introduced in June. The good news is that they can be converted into any of the three tiers of PS Plus. The bad news is that the PS Plus conversion rates get worse as voucher length increases.

How Will PS Plus and PS Now Vouchers Be Converted?

PS Now PS Plus

PlayStation players who have an existing PS Plus membership and a PS Plus voucher will be able to redeem it after the new tiers are introduced in June. Those wanting to extend their newly renamed PS Plus Essential membership will have the simplest time; the 1-month, 3-month, and 12-month vouchers will do exactly what they say. Those wanting to upgrade to PS Plus Extra or PS Plus Premium might be disappointed to find the conversion rates get worse as the length of the voucher increases:

1 Month3-Month12-Month
PS Plus Essential31 days92 days365 days
PS Plus Extra20 days58 days219 days
PS Plus Premium17 days46 days183 days

As PlayStation Now subscriptions are more expensive, players will get slightly longer PS Plus memberships from their PS Now vouchers. However, conversion rates for PS Now vouchers are also affected in a similar fashion as they get worse as the length of the voucher increases too. The reason for the conversion rates deteriorating is a bit of a mystery and Sony is yet to comment.

1 Month3-Month12-Month
PS Plus Essential40 days105 days365 days
PS Plus Extra25 days66 days219 days
PS Plus Premium21 days53 days183 days

In other news, Final Fantasy XVI is in the “final stretch” of development, and the next “big” reveal is scheduled for spring 2022. Elsewhere, the PS Plus games for May 2022 have been confirmed and they’ll be hitting PS5 and PS4 consoles on May 3.TAGS: PLAYSTATION NOWPLAYSTATION PLUSPLAYSTATION PLUS PREMIUMPS NOWPS PLUSSONYSHARETWEETYou Might Also Like

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