May 1, 2022

Saints Row customization uncovered
Saints Row customization uncovered
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Inventor Volition’s companion to Saints Row’s best-in- class customization suite.

Brian Traficante
Creative Director, Volition
Saints Row’s customization suite is guaranteed to delight and excite there are nearly no limits to what you can do and there are no rules as to how you do it. You get the ultimate freedom to express yourself in Santo Ileso – what we call the Weird, Wild, American South West – let’s take a look at what this actually means.

We put player choice first in Saints Row; across the board we offer the stylish, most vibrant blend of customization features that make this by far the stylish customization toolset in a Saints Row game to date.

You can acclimatize nearly anything in fantastic or aspirational fashion. From the end of the veritably first operations you’ll unleash the capability to modernize your master character with apparel, emotes and indeed your armament of choice with an nearly endless number of options from one of the stores across the megacity. As you progress through the game you’ll earn the cash demanded to keep your look up to date. Through the Criminal Gambles you and your fellow Saints take part in you can modify corridor of the megacity itself, including the Saints HQ – it’s your time to take over Santo Ileso and make it your own; so go make your felonious conglomerate in style.

We ’ve removed the boundaries of gender for players – you can put anything on without limits and rules. Our stylish in class tools let players choose what their description is for cool. Serious or silly, we let players express themselves and induce looks that either act their own persona, another’s, or indeed commodity other-worldly.
You can draft your perfect master and show off your own style with a riotous choice of apparel. With each individual item being customizable – layered apparel is back, so you can add undergarments, a t-shirt and also a jacket, and accessorize with lurkers, headdresses, gloves and indeed socks! Yes, this important loved point is also back with a revenge, and for everything you wear, you can change the color, face parcels, and fantastic accoutrements for the perfect look.

Going deeper, you can customize your haircut and color from the roots to the tips. For your skin, go beyond a myriad of colors and define the type, texture, and features like scars and muscles, modes, tattoos, prosthetics and piercings. There’s indeed a trucker tan. When it comes to your face you can make each side the same or different with the addition for the veritably first time of asymmetrical face customization. Add make-up, scars, bruises, tattoos, facial hair, wrinkles – it’s each there and we ca n’t stay to see what you ’re going to produce.

There’s also an insane quantum of vehicle options and vehicle toys to play with for vehicle suckers. Saints Row packs in over 80 to detect by exploring the megacity and store in your garage – gauging boats, buses, exchanges, bikes, copters, spurt skis, and indeed a hoverboard; they ’re each there for you to modify and make your own. Change the makeup, add a metallic finish, go lustrous, add a side skirt and indeed an underglow. Also shade your windows, change the interior color, add smut and symbols and eventually go crazy with your bus. Also when you ’re done, mess around with the Hand Capacities on offer – effects like grouser steering to devastate down the road, or a stranding ball, and ejector seats are an option, too. The more you play the further chances you’ll have to be awarded with rare vehicles.

You can also change nearly every aspect of your armament including its material, color, pattern, textures, symbols, and indeed change the whole armament model itself, to give you an marquee or guitar case as your gun if you want it.
Eventually, do n’t worry if you prefer to get stuck in creating your Boss straight down – there are eight different presets available for you to choose from as a starting point. Eventually your master, your lifts and munitions will all be unique and recognizable as your own. This is where you truly get to be your own master.


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