May 1, 2022

Let’s Go To The Mall! Interabang EntertainmentCo-Founder and CEO Justin Woodward on Jay and Silent Bob Mall Brawl
Conforming a cult favorite movie ballot into a videotape game can be challenging for inventors, but for Justin Woodward,co-founder and CEO of Interabang Entertainment, an offer to turn Jay and Silent Bob into a videotape game was the occasion of a continuance. We spoke with Justin about Jay and Silent Bob Mall Brawl, a side scrolling 8- bit bickerer grounded on the Jay and Silent Bob ballot, now available as one of October’s free games with Prime. We learned further about the development of this beat ’em up, the games Justin and the Interabang platoon grew up with, and the need for independent game inventors to support one another and unite as frequently as possible.

A child of the ’90s, Justin was raised in an period of iconic videotape game votes like Zelda and Metal Gear, and was a huge addict of the beat ’em up kidney, including classics like Final Fight, River City Ransom and Double Dragon 2. At 16, he snared his “ dream job” working in the videotape game department at Toys” R” Us, which basically started his path in the games assiduity.
Justin continued exploring his passion for games after council and launched his career as an terrain artist at THQ. During this time, thanks to patient networking, he was suitable to develop strong connections with associates and instructors. After a many months at THQ, Justin teamed up with a many former inventors from Sony, and together they innovated Interabang Entertainment in 2009. He credits much of the plant’s success to the musketeers and instructors in the game assiduity he met along the way “ These connections tutored me how to pitch a game and earn backing from implicit mates,” he said. One of these assiduity gemütlichkeit led to a chance preface to celebrated director Kevin Smith, best known for his work on the Jay and Silent Bob ballot — a great occasion for Justin, who ’d grown up with his flicks.
For Justin, developing Jay and Silent Bob Mall Brawl was a dream design that he could have noway imagined. He describes the game as “ inspired by classic beat ’em up games, featuring combat that’s fun to play.” To insure the game did the ballot justice, the Interabang platoon rewatched the flicks from the Jay and Silent Bob ballot, and worked directly with Kevin Smith in the early stages of development. “ Working with Kevin was such a dream process; he was veritably willing to work and unite with other generators who partake analogous passion for liar,” said Justin.
With the game’s event exceeding Justin’s prospects, he’s thankful for all the mates and musketeers who helped get the game released, including Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes, Jordan Monsanto, Limited Run Games, Trever Fehrman, Completely Illustrated, Jake Smith, Tomas Guinan, SpoonyBard Productions and Wallride Games. Be sure to follow the plant on Twitter for their rearmost updates.
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