May 1, 2022

From New York City to Beatdown City
Game inventor Shawn Alexander Allen and the alleviations behind Business in Beatdown City

Drink to the first edition of the Prime Gaming inventor limelight! This series tells the stories behind inventors and games featured in each month’s collection of free games with Prime.
Business in Beatdown City, available on PC free for Amazon Prime members through September 1, injects the beat ’em up kidney with politic RPG depth, while diving timely themes. Developed by Nuchallenger, an independent game plant innovated in 2012 by Shawn Alexander Allen and by Hurakan Works, a game plant innovated by Nico Marcano, the game explores issues ranging from ethnical inequality to police brutality, all against the dystopian — but darkly funny — background of Beatdown City. We sat down with Shawn to learn further about his alleviations as the pen, artist, and developer on the game, and what he hopes players will take from the game.
Growing up in New York City’s East Village in the ’80s, Shawn was charmed by ridiculous books, and began drawing his own comics and picture books at a youthful age. He did n’t enjoy his own game press until he was 12, but frequently played RPGs and fighting games with musketeers. Reading magazines with strategy attendants for games he did n’t own led to him sketching his own videotape game situations for fun. “ I liked videotape games, but I did n’t enjoy them,” he said, “ so I had to make my own stuff. Ultimately, I started looking at my comics, toys, and cartoons while allowing,‘what if this was a game? ’”

In the late 2000s, Shawn began a five- time stint at Rockstar Games, where he handled game prisoner for the plant’s popular titles. He left the plant in 2012 and began developing Business in Beatdown City with Nico. The game is a beat-em-up RPG where players explore an civic wasteland, meet awful people, and knock them out. “ Growing up, I always had this fear of getting into a fight, a fear of violence,” Shawn said. “ And being a racially nebulous person, people yell at you and I developed anxiety about dealing with those relations.” Business in Beatdown City came a way for Shawn to explore both those anxieties and what it might look like to fight back when brazened.
It was important to Shawn that Treachery in Beatdown City reflect his experience growing up in New York City, and also that it lessen prospects. “ I wanted to make a game starring all nonage characters,” he said, “ and I wanted to flip the script a little bit, turning kidney homilies on their head.” Ethnical conceptions are addressed right from the game’s first major battle, when one of the game’s supereminent characters, a Puerto Rican woman named Lisa Santiago, is incorrect for a cleaning lady by an exaggeratedly repulsive man named Ugly John. As the game progresses, players must make their way to City Hall, while fighting off a range of adversaries, including crowds of crying drunks, unruly cyclists, entitled joggers, rapping grapplers, rich punks, ninjas, cyborgs and further. The game is invested throughout with dark humor and pop artistic references — Shawn credits the sketch comedy series Key & Peele as one of his alleviations.
Business in Beatdown City first plant an followership when Shawn launched a Kickstarter crusade in 2014, which raised further than$ from further than backers. Not only did the crusade help fund the game, it comforted Shawn that his design spoke to players. Now that the game has been released, he says, “ It’s great — being suitable to put commodity that’s veritably particular out into the world, and see people playing it, streaming it, laughing.”
These days, Shawn is busier than ever with his part as an organizer of the Game Devs of Color Expo. Returning nearly in September for its fifth time, the conference is committed to changing the games assiduity for the better, by showing off the excellence of inventors of color. Having learned first- hand how grueling breaking into the game assiduity can be, Shawn is passionate about helping other inventors connect, network, and get their games funded and out into the world.
“ In film, you saw Bruce Lee fighting oppression, both on screen and out, despite being a formerly- by-a-lifetime gift,” Shawn said. “ He was denied part after part because they did n’t want to cast a Chinese man, indeed in Chinese places. You also saw Blaxploitation change the face of the assiduity, with flicks like Shaft leading directly to Sam Jackson’s whole career, including his part as Nick Fury, which changed comics, and pictures, ever. Together, you saw Bruce Lee working with folks like Jim Kelly in Enter the Dragon. In our lesser society, you saw Chinese people united with the Black Catamount Party. This is how we move forward — with recalcitrant concinnity in the face of inordinate recession. The games assiduity needs this revolution and I suppose we can make that be veritably soon.”
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