April 28, 2022

Prime Gaming and Riot Games Team Up to Bring Exclusive In-Game Content for Riot Games’ Biggest Titles, Esports Sponsorship, and More

Amazon Prime members can claim exclusive in-game offers for League of LegendsLegends of RuneterraVALORANT, and League of Legends: Wild Rift, and emotes for Esports competitions

Amazon Prime Gaming and video game developer and publisher Riot Games are teaming up on a long-term deal to make Riot’s games better for Amazon Prime members through exclusive in-game content for Riot’s biggest titles, including League of Legends, Legends of Runeterra, VALORANT, and League of Legends: Wild Rift. Prime Gaming will also be a global sponsor across Riot’s Esports titles, including League of Legends Esports, VALORANT Esports, and Wild Rift Esports, providing free content during various events. Additionally, in November, Prime Gaming has a few surprises for members to celebrate with the release of Riot’s television show Arcane. This landmark collaboration, which runs through 2022, raises the bar on content quality and value, setting a new standard for what’s available to Prime Gaming customers.

Prime members will have an opportunity to claim the following exciting new offers:

● League of Legends — Available today, the Prime Gaming Capsule includes 650 Riot Points, an Unowned 1350 RP Skin, five Champion Shards Permanent, 200 Orange Essence, two sets of Series 1 Eternals, and a 30-day xp boost.

● League of Legends Esports — Available today, League of Legends World Championship viewers can collect a custom esports emote, with more exclusive esports emotes available during 2022 League of Legends esports global events.

● League of Legends: Wild Rift — Beginning on November 18, Prime members can grab exclusive content every two weeks for an entire year (24 drops total) for the mobile game. Content will include random Baubles, Emotes, Recalls, Skins, and Skin Poses.

● VALORANT — Following the conclusion of the current series in January 2022, customers can grab one year’s worth of exclusive improved core content for VALORANT gameplay. Content planned includes two weapon skins, two calling cards, four Gunbuddies, and four sprays.

● Legends of Runeterra — After the current series ends in January 2022, Prime members can claim content on a monthly basis including: one Tier 3 Prismatic Chest and one Epic Card or Tier 3 Prismatic Chest, and three Rare Wildcards.

“Riot Games is an incredible partner that will help bring even more value to the Amazon Prime membership,” said Larry Plotnick, GM, Prime Gaming. “We’ve been working with Riot for a while now, but this collaboration raises the value bar for customers to ensure Riot’s games are even better with Amazon Prime. We’re looking forward to featuring additional content for Prime Gaming members in the coming months.”

“Since the beginning of our collaboration with Prime Gaming for League in 2018, we’ve teamed up to give away tens of millions of Skins, Skin Shards, and more. As we launched new games, Prime Gaming grew with us to deliver in-game content for players across our new titles,” said Sylvia Ko, Corporate Business Development Lead for Riot Games. “Now, in Prime Gaming we have a partner that shares our focus in making it better to be a player, not only through games, but also through broader entertainment experiences players would want to engage in, including Arcane and our esports.”

As part of the year-long collaboration, Prime Gaming will be a global sponsor for Riot Games’ Esports, across League of Legends Esports, VALORANT Esports, and Wild Rift Esports competitions, as well as sponsor multiple LoL Esports events for the LCS and LEC, and VALORANT Champions Tour competitions in North America and EMEA regions in 2022. Prime members can claim the exclusive Esports emote known as the “Happiness Overload” during this year’s League of Legends World Championships, along with three additional exclusive emotes in 2022. Opportunities to collect the exclusive emote will be promoted to viewers through in-broadcast placement during LoL Esports broadcasts and on LoLEsports.com.

“Our fans are extremely passionate about their esports, and we’re constantly looking for opportunities to improve our broadcasts and reward their fandom,” said John Needham, Riot Games Global Head of Esports. “I’m excited to extend our longstanding partnership with Prime Gaming and enhance the viewing experience for Worlds 2021, and upcoming VALORANT Esports and Wild Rift Esports events.”

Prime Gaming will have a presence across multiple global events on the 2022 VALORANT Champions Tour, serving as the presenting sponsor of the Agent Select component and “Flawless” moment, as well as integration across 2022 Wild Rift esports global events.

Prime members can claim in-game content for Riot Games titles as they become available by visiting gaming.amazon.com.

To keep up with the latest Prime Gaming content offers and news, visit primegaming.blog or follow the official Prime Gaming Twitter, Facebookand Instagram accounts. Customers interested in beginning a free 30-day trial of Prime Gaming also visit gaming.amazon.com to learn more

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