April 28, 2022

Nyamyamco-founder Jennifer Schneidereit on creating pop-up book inspired adventure game Tengami

This month’s Free Games with Prime line-up includes Tengami, a stunning atmospheric adventure game from Nyamyam, an award- winning independent inventor grounded in the UK. We spoke with Nyamyamco-founder Jennifer Schneidereit to learn further about Tengami’s unique pop-up book style and some of the alleviations behind the game.
Firstly released in 2014, Tengami tells a dark puck- tale inspired story in which players explore a beautifully drafted world and interact with the terrain to break mystifications and uncover secrets.

The game uses pop-up books not only as an alleviation for its gorgeous illustrations, but as a unique gameplay handyperson in which players can interact with the world to both fold and slide geographies to navigate the story. Jennifer was inspired to develop the game after the release of the first surge of iPad tablet releases in the early-2010s. “ With tablets, I knew there was a special occasion to use the tackle for games in a unique way,” she said.
Upon viewing a videotape of pop-up books, Jennifer and her former coworker at Rare Studios Phil Tossell realized that a game inspired by similar books could actually work, and began experimenting with prototypes. During development, Jennifer and Phil started to incorporate rudiments of Japanese culture within the game’s visual style and story due to their participated appreciation of the country. “ Prior to launching Nyamyam, I had worked for four times in Japan for inventor Acquire and enjoyed the experience,” Jennifer said.
Development for Tengami took three and a half times, and upon release the game was appreciatively entered for its illustrations and gameplay mechanics. The game’s variety of surroundings was particularly praised, and its music and emphasis on disquisition made for a tranquil and comforting gaming experience for players.
Since launching Tengami, Nyamyam has released its alternate game, Astrologaster, across several platforms. Astrologaster is a ridiculous comedy game taking place in Shakespearean London and has entered rave reviews for its funny and unconcerned story.

When asked about her advice for over-and- coming inventors, Jennifer prompted inventors to reflect on their peregrinations in games. She specifically recalls being inspired to enter the gaming assiduity through her love of series similar as Sierra’s King Quest series and seeing womanish inventors like Roberta Williams on game box art. “ Remember why you entered the assiduity and what kind of games you want you to make,” she said. “ It’s important to have a sense of your creative intentions and let those bournes lead you through your trip in game development.”
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