April 28, 2022

DOWiNO on Making Games for Change and TheirVideo-less Game A Eyeless Legend
Pierre-Alain Gagne, Nordine Ghachi, and the rest of the DOWiNO platoon in their office.
This month’s Free Games with High lineup includes A Eyeless Legend, a groundbreaking action- adventure game without videotape from French creative plant DOWiNO. We spoke with DOWiNO authors Pierre-Alain Gagne and Nordine Ghachi about their charge to use serious games to educate cult on complex issues they watch deeply about, and how that shaped the development of A Eyeless Legend.
Firstly released in 2015, A Eyeless Legend uses binaural 3D sound to offer an immersive sensitive experience for both eyeless and sighted players. The result is a heroic- fantasy hack-and- rent game that delivers a gripping 3D soundscape, and brings characters and conduct to life without the need for visual cues. As players take on the part of a eyeless knight on a hunt to save his woman from his sworn adversary, the experience also serves to raise public mindfulness around visual disabilities.
The idea for the game came to the platoon in 2007, before the plant was born, when Nordine, the creative director for DOWiNO, discovered binaural sound technology after hearing the Virtual Barbershop audio experience. “ It was really cool, and it made me suppose of what could be possible if you could play with those rudiments in real time,” he said.
Back also, binaural technology was limited, but six times latterly it had evolved. Nordine and Pierre-Alain, along with their cultural director Jérôme Cattenot, innovated DOWiNO with the end to produce videotape games that went beyond entertainment to address issues with strong social impact, and began development on A Eyeless Legend.
One of the first challenges the platoon would face was financing the game. “ We allowed that crowdfunding would be an intriguing way to help finance the game, and also validate the idea,” said Pierre, who serves as the director of the plant. “ We did n’t know if visually disabled people would be interested or suitable to play this game on their smartphones, so we communicated people from the Blind Association France to confirm if it would be a good idea.” DOWiNO launched a Ulule backing crusade — exceeding their thing — and began product in 2014.
Beforehand on in development, the platoon dived the challenge of creating an immersive experience that leveraged binaural sound in real time, as that technology was veritably hard to find at the time. DOWiNO ultimately plant immersive audio company Two Big Cognizance, which helped them not only overcome their original obstacles, but make A Eyeless Legend indeed better than they allowed it would be. The platoon also had to learn how to design situations and stoner interfaces for players without counting on visual cues, which they had to guess and learn at every step of the way. “ This indeed restated to how we communicated what the game was about,” Pierre said. “ On social media, we had to describe everything and release audio promotional accoutrements, as opposed to using visual screenshots and vids.”
Every step of the way, DOWiNO worked nearly with beta testers and their backers — who included numerous folks from the eyeless community — to insure they were on the right track. “ The first group of eyeless testers were really critical with the prototype, and were foursquare about their feedback as they felt it was n’t immersive enough,” said Nordine. “ Given that their hail is much more attuned than ours, that was incredibly helpful for us. Without them testing the game beforehand on, it would n’t be the game it’s moment.”
A Eyeless Legend launched in fall 2015, and was praised by critics and players, earning further than players in its first week. “ We were really happy to see what we wanted to do at the morning — produce a good experience for both eyeless and sighted players — was effective and reverberated with players,” said Pierre.
The game has ago been downloaded more than 1 million times in 189 countries, and is now available as part of this month’s Free Games with High lineup. DOWiNO is overjoyed to bring the game to indeed more cult and raise further mindfulness around its social impact.
A Eyeless Legend is available free to Prime members by visiting the link then. As a memorial, Prime Gaming is included with all Amazon Prime enrollments and you can begin a 30- day free trial by visitinggaming.amazon.com.
Learn Further about DOWiNO and their charge to inform people about issues with strong social impact similar as sustainable development, social responsibility, public health, disability, and solidarity atwww.dowino.com and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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