April 28, 2022

Cafe Empty on Creating Indie Games with a Greater Purpose
Curtis Campion, creator of Newfound Courage, with a background of leafage.
This month’s Free Games with High lineup includes Newfound Courage, a story- driven adventure game about a gay idol who falls in love with his stylish friend while the world unravels around them. We spoke with Curtis Campion, game inventor and author of Cafe Empty, about pursuing his dreams of creating an indie game he’d have wanted his teenage tone to play, and his charge to produce a game with a lesser purpose.
In Newfound Courage, players take on the part of a youthful man named Alex who arrives in the cliffside city of Silverpine, home to The Vault, a mysterious institute containing the knowledge of a long-dead civilization. Throughout the game they explore the city’s numerous mystifications and meet its various townsfolk, while growing near to one particular kind-hearted original named Jake. Alex and Jake must save the city from the impending doom brewing inside the mysterious Vault, while Alex learns to understand and accept his passions for Jake.

Newfound Courage’s story wasn’t originally intended for a profound videotape game. In fact, the story was firstly drafted as a love novel. When Curtis was n’t working his 9 to 5 tech job, he was writing a new — words to be exact. While writing the story, Curtis realized he envisaged another direction for the design, and eventually decided the story would be stylish told by a videotape game.
Curtis rotated from the novel he’d started, and committed himself to learning how to develop what would come Newfound Courage. This was no small decision; in order to develop Newfound Courage he took a respite from his commercial job, decided not to return to university, and moved from his birthplace of Sydney, Australia to Montreal, Canada.
Curtis contended his platoon, Jessica Kelly ( Musician) and Kurt Prieto (Artist), online and originally turned to YouTube to learn the basics of videotape game product. Throughout the game’s development, Curtis stayed true to himself and always kept in mind his gospel that indie games must serve a larger purpose. “ While developing the game, at times it felt like I was writing a letter to my former tone,” Curtis said. “ I set out to produce a story that people, part of the LGBTQIA community or not, could connect with and realize that they ’re not alone.”

The creation of Newfound Courage took 13 months, and Curtis and his platoon released it in three corridor. During early access, they were suitable to establish a community around the game, creating a space where players could give formative review. These early access players were pivotal to the launch of Newfound Courage, as they saw the eventuality for the game’s success and gave the platoon the necessary stimulant to release the game to the millions. The platoon’s industriousness paid off Ahead of the game’s functionary release, it was awarded Queer Game of the Time for 2018 by Rainbo Press, and Shortlisted at the 2018 Melbourne Queer Games Festival.
In March 2019, Newfound Courage was made available to all. “ It was absolutely intimidating launching the game after a full time of putting my heart and soul into it,” Curtis said. “ After risking it all, you can only hope that you did n’t make a mistake, and that I had made the right decision committing to videotape game development full time.”
The launch of Newfound Courage was successful. It was extremely well- entered by the public and critics likewise and has steadily vended clonespost-launch. A many months latterly, the platoon released free DLC “ Winter’s Show” and established their game development plant Cafe Empty.
With Newfound Courage, Curtis and his platoon set out to give representation in a faithful and accurate way that didn’t feel manufactured. The story draws upon Curtis’s particular gests and embodies the complex feelings of falling in love with a straight friend. “ I want the Jake’s of the world to see and understand the standpoint and gests from the Alex’s of the world,” he said.
With the game available as part of this month’s Free Games with High lineup, Curtis and Cafe Empty are thrilled to bring Newfound Courage to indeed more players. “ We ’re so agitated to join the Prime Gaming lineup and are recognized to have the capability to get our important communication and story out to new cult throughout the world.”
Newfound Courage is available free to Prime members by visiting the link then. As a memorial, Prime Gaming is included with all Amazon Prime enrollments and you can begin a 30- day free trial by visitinggaming.amazon.com.
Learn further about Cafe Empty and their charge to give representation for the LGBTQIA community in the videotape game space at https//www.cafeempty.games/ and https//www.newfoundcourage.com/ and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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