April 28, 2022

Sisters and Decoy GamesCo-Founders Ahmed and Khalil Abdullah on Swimsanity!

For this month’s Prime Gaming inventor limelight, we spoke with sisters and Decoy Gamesco-founders Ahmed and Khalil Abdullah to bandy their indie hit Swimsanity!, which is available free untilFeb. 28 atgaming.amazon.com. An aquatic multiplayer game featuring hutch and versus modes, Swimsanity! was released last time to important sun from gamers.
Ahmed and Khalil Abdullah were big suckers of early 3D masterpieces of the late ’90s and early 2000s. “ We loved gaming growing up and I remember being a big addict of Perfect Dark, especially its multiplayer,” said Khalil. As the times went by, multiplayer titles were still a big megahit for them, with games like Left 4 Dead on heavy gyration. The sisters ultimately earned computer wisdom degrees from UMass Amherst, with an end of erecting careers making fun and pleasurable games.
Nearly ten times agone, Ahmed and Khalil innovated Decoy Games and combined their living knowledge with lots of online tutorials and attendants to begin work on their first game. Khalil and Ahmed jokingly relate to literacy game development from “ YouTube University.” The vacuity of these online coffers was pivotal to the platoon’s early success developing prototypes. Khalil urges over-and- coming inventors to take advantage of those coffers, saying, “ it’s noway too early to get started” if there’s a game you want to produce. Ahmed and Khalil showcased some of their early prototypes in a GDC talk last time, where they participated their advice to new inventors.
Swimsanity! was born out of the Abdullah sisters’ love of multiplayer games. In Swimsanity! players take on the part of the game’s idol, Mooba, and use a variety of unique power-ups and munitions to survive a dangerous submarine world. Swimsanity! includes both collaborative and competitive multiplayer play, either online or on the same device.

To help make interest in the game, Ahmed and Khalil showcased Swimsanity! at colorful events, ultimately gaining a following. Although the epidemic averted them from taking Swimsanity! to in-person events in 2020, the platoon continued to work hard and was suitable to proudly tone- publish the game in August.
Gamers loved Swimsanity!’s fun andover-the-top hutch and versus modes. “ We paid attention to the feedback from players and were lowered with the event we entered,” said Ahmed. The success and event of Swimsanity! validated the platoon’s fidelity to the design over the times.

While some people might be reluctant to work with a stock, Khalil says it was an easy choice for him. “ Working with my family offered me a guaranteed commitment to the development of Swimsanity! and I ’m thankful for that,” said Khalil. This great working relationship between the sisters will continue in the future with fresh content planned for Swimsanity, along with a new design the brace could n’t discover too important information about just yet.
Swimsanity! is available free to Prime members by visiting the link then. As a memorial, Prime Gaming is included with all Amazon Prime enrollments and you can begin a 30- day free trial by visitinggaming.amazon.com.
Learn Further about Decoy Games by visitingwww.decoygames.com and check out out the plant’s functionary vesture store atwww.decoygamesapparel.com for some great clothes and merch! Be sure to also follow Decoy Games on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


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