April 28, 2022

Before I Forget How3-Fold Games’Narrative Masterpiece Went from Game Jam Project to BAFTA Designee
Chella Ramanan and Claire Morwood of3-Fold Games are pictured standing in their office.
For this month’s Prime Gaming inventor limelight, we spoke with3-Fold Games, the small but mighty each- womenmicro-studio behind Before I Forget, a important narrative disquisition game about a woman living with early onset madness, now available for free from Prime Gaming. Before I Forget, launched in July 2020, has been regarded as an indelible experience for its emotional impact and was among the appointees in the “ Game Beyond Entertainment” order at this time’s BAFTA Games Awards.
We sat down with narrative developer and pen Chella Ramanan and programmer and artist Claire Morwood to learn further about Before I Forget, the mannas and challenges of developing their debut title, and the significance of grueling comprehensions of the kinds of stories people can tell through games.
A screenshot from Before I Forget shows a long hallway, bathed in red light. Review parings cover the walls, with the expression “ Find Dylan!” repeated.
Chella and Claire met in 2016 at the XX Game Jam in Bristol, UK, which was hosted specifically for women, transgender andnon-binary people to produce further space for diversity in the field of game development. It was at this event that Before I Forget, centered around the game jam’s theme of “ borders,” was born. “ We came up with the idea to center the story around a person with madness, because I was preoccupied with what memory means to us as people and our individualities, and what happens when we lose our memory,” said Chella.
As they only had 24 hours to conceptualize and produce the game, Chella and Claire set out to tell a story about Sunita, a woman living with madness and the relations within her own home, with everything starting out as a greyscale experience that would come to life in color as players opened up recollections for her. For Chella, as a woman of color in the gaming assiduity (and cofounder of the independent association POC in Play), it was especially important to break the earth when it came to their promoter and her story. “ Sunita is an Indian woman, a scientist, someone who isn’t in her 20s and has madness, and is the idol of this game,” she said. “ It was important for us to showcase the different stories you can tell that are still valid and heroic.”
A screenshot from Before I Forget shows a small table with dishes and a mess for one, in a dining room lit by a small candle.
Before I Forget won the Followership Choice Award at the game jam, encouraging Chella and Claire to continue its development. They dove into exploration on the subject matter, latterly working with croakers and associations like Gaming The Mind, and began creating playable gests for different events. The development process clearly was n’t easy, especially as it was their first full- length game and they were learning along the way. “ There were times when we were both doubtful if the game was ever going to be finished, but when we did manage to take it to events we could see how well-conditioned people connected with it, and that reminded us that we were making commodity that was worth pursuing,” said Claire.
Before I Forget was released in July 2020, and it was a bittersweet moment for the brace as they said their farewells to a design and characters that had been part of their lives for nearly 4 times. But the response was “ inviting” and better than they could have ever imagined given the obstacles and enterprises they had overcome to get there. The game’s subject matter and short run time of only an hour helped make it veritably accessible to different cult, including those who had noway played a game before.
It was an indeed more inconceivable feeling when Chella and Claire learned they were nominated for a BAFTA in a order alongside huge inventors like Mischievous Canine and Nintendo. “ I was allowing the other day back to a discussion where we were like,‘ Imagine if 100 people bought our game, ’” said Chella. “ We could noway imagine we ’d be nominated for a BAFTA, and the significance of that recognition is amazing for a bitsy platoon like ours.”
A screenshot from Before I Forget shows a living room. A fire glows in the fireplace, and a grand piano, settee, and table furnish the room.
With the game available as part of this month’s Free Games with High lineup,3-Fold Games is agitated to be suitable to reach further cult. “ It’s awful to be a part of this occasion, and really satisfying after all of our hard work,” said Claire. “ We hope to reach indeed more cult who might not have heard about this game before and can now try it for free.”
Before I Forget is available free to Prime members by visiting the link then. As a memorial, Prime Gaming is included with all Amazon Prime enrollments and you can begin a 30- day free trial by visitinggaming.amazon.com.
Learn further about3-Fold Games atwww.3foldgames.uk and be sure to follow@ 3FoldGames on Twitter.

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