April 27, 2022

Blizzard Titles Join Prime Gaming’s April Immolations
As the April showers begin to trickle in and we prepare for the long- awaited May flowers, add Prime Gaming to your springtime plans with this month’s exclusive in- game content immolations and selection of free games and content for popular titles.
This month, Prime Gaming members can claim in- game content for popular titles, including Lost Ark, League of Legends, Lords Mobile, Mobile Legends Bang Bang, Fall Guys and further, as well as a fresh lineup of free games, including The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion — Game of the Year Edition Deluxe, Shops vs Zombies Battle for Neighborville, Monkey Island ™ 2 Special Edition LeChuck’s Vengeance ™ and further. Read on for further details.
Prime Gaming and Blizzard Entertainment Team Up to Deliver Exclusive Content to Prime Members

Prime Gaming and inventor and publisher Blizzard Entertainment are teaming up to make Blizzard’s most popular games indeed more for Amazon Prime members. In the coming months, Prime members can look forward to claiming exclusive in- game content for some of Blizzard’s biggest titles, including Overwatch, Hearthstone and further.
Prime members will have an occasion to claim the following instigative new offers
Overwatch From now through September (9/14), Prime members can claim yearly Overwatch Hero offers, which will unleash a aggregate of four Legendary Loot Boxes and three Standard Loot Boxes. Moment until4/27, Prime members can redeem the first Prime Gaming Overwatch drop, which includes a Fabulous Spoil Box.
Hearthstone Climb the species with the Prime Gaming Hearthstone in- game content drops. From now through September (9/14), Prime members can claim yearly Hearthstone offers for a aggregate of four Random Guaranteed Legendary Cards and three Standard Card Packs for PC, Android or iOS. Moment until4/27, members can claim the first Prime Gaming Hearthstone drop, which includes a Random Guaranteed Legendary Card to celebrate the forthcoming launch of the title’s rearmost expansion, Passage to the Sunken City, on April 12.
Players can also look forward to fresh Prime Gaming offers for other Blizzard pets including World of Warcraft and Starcraft Remastered. Stay tuned for further details soon!
Amazon Luna’s Prime Gaming Channel April Immolations
Amazon Prime members in the United States have access to the recently released Prime Gaming Channel on Amazon Luna, Amazon’s pall gaming service, which gives guests access to play high- quality, immersive games through the pall on their supported bias. With the new Prime Gaming Channel on Amazon Luna, Amazon Prime guests will have the capability to play a rotating selection of games for free on Luna through a devoted Channel.
Starting on April 1, Prime members will have full access to a new slate of popular games on the Prime Gaming Channel, including Mortal Shell Enhanced Edition, Amnesia Rebirth, Tracks Toybox Edition and King of Fighters’98. Stay tuned in the coming months for fresh Prime Gaming Channel immolations via Amazon Luna!
Coming in April from Prime Gaming
Prime Gaming is offering eight free titles starting April 1! From remonstrating lawn in the factory-on-zombie conflict Shops vs Zombies Battle for Neighborville to taking on the part of an lovable turnip who evades his levies in Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion, this month’s lineup brings player’s on a trip to the theater just in time for Spring!

The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion — Game of the Year Edition Deluxe — Unravel the searches of one of the stylish RPGs of all time like noway ahead by stepping into the plushly detailed world full of freeform gameplay and unknown plates.
Shops vs Zombies Battle for Neighborville — Prepare to protest some lawn in a crazy, coniferous conflict between thebrain-less and botanicals that will take players on a trip to the external edges of Neighborville and back again.
Monkey Island ™ 2 Special Edition LeChuck’s Vengeance ™ — Wannabe corsair Guybrush Threepwood, and the now zombie corsair LeChuck, return in this LucasArts’ addict-favorite adventure game.
Nanotale — Typing Chronicles — In the spiritual successor to the accredited Epistory, players can come a youthful activist venturing out into a dying world, listing its mystifications and its prodigies to disinter the verity of what’s wrong with the heart of magic.
Council of Ascent — Craft munitions, befriend beasties, encounter crazy brutes and experience much more in this politic- action-RPG with mischief-nonfat rudiments, mixing turn- grounded combat with real- time action quintet systems.
Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion — Play as an lovable yet trouble- making turnip who avoids paying levies by working plantastic mystifications, harvesting crops and battling massive beasts each in a trip to tear down a loose vegetable government.
Galaxy of Pen and Paper — Produce your veritably own game master and RPG party in the time of 1999! As characters roleplay, they will explore distant globes in their imagination, fight weird aliens and save the world in the period of dial-up internet and droopy disks.
House of 1000 Doors Family Secrets — Guide Kate Reed through four mind- bending mystifications that take her to worlds she’s noway imagined on her hunt to help the dead.
In addition to free games, check out the rearmost exclusive in- game content from Prime Gaming this month. Starting on April 5, Prime members can continue with their embark on their odyssey of the vast and vibrant world of Lost Ark, with the rearmost Prime Gaming Raptor Mount Pack, featuring a Crystaline Air for five day use, Amethyst Shard Pack (500 shards) and a Tableware Combat Raptor Mount.
From April 4 to April 18, Prime members can disaccord global players in Lords Mobile with Pack D Training Pack, which includes Speed Up Training (30 m), Speed Up Training (60 m), Speed Up Training (3 h), a Braveheart, Training Boost (10) and Wyrm Casket. Independently, from April 18 to May 2, Prime members can admit Pack E Army Pack, and access Soared Thrills I, Winged Boots II, Winged Boots III, Army ATK Boost (20) (24h), Army DEF Boost (20) (24h) and Hell Drider Casket.

Now until April 28, Prime members can pierce 650 RP, five champion shards, 30- day XP Boost, 1 Riddle Skin Endless, 2 Series 1 Eternals Shards and 200 Orange Essence in the multiplayer online battle arena videotape game, League of Legends.

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